The Art of Undercutting

I recently came across an interesting forums thread on MMO-Champion today, and it got me thinking about my own undercutting practices in the auction house.  While this guy doesn’t seem to have a solid plan in place for working the auction house, many players do, and I’ve noticed many different strategies in terms of auction […]

5 Ways of Making Cata Gold

There are so many ways to make gold in Cataclysm right now, it’s not even funny.  Pretty much pick something to sell, and you will see big profits.  This won’t last forever, and as Cataclysm trucks along, prices will dwindle.  For now though, enjoy raking in that extra gold! I decided to list my top […]

Herbalism Profits High

If you are an Herbalist right now, it’s the perfect time to farm and get some extra funding for Cataclysm.  With many players refocusing on Inscription after the recent Glyph changes in Patch 4.0.1, herb supplies have fallen short and demand has risen. I spent a couple days farming herbs in Azeroth and Outlands, bringing in […]

JCers and Alchy: Time to Unload

In the Patch 4.0.1 PTR, the cooldown on epic gem transmutes has been removed.  That means we will see a significant influx of epic gems when this patch goes live, as people desperately try to cash in epic gem sales.  There will be a fallout, and then the prices will stabilize, slightly drifting upwards and […]

Profits Inbound for Inscription and Herbalism

That’s right.  If you have Herbalism or Inscription as a profession, the live release of Patch 4.0 is a date to circle on your calendar.  With the patch going live, we will be introduced to the new Glyph System.  The idea is still the same, but there are several changes to take note of. We […]

Khor’s Gold Making Journal Sept ’10

(Updated 9/16/10) Khor made 75,000g to bank and save for Cataclysm.  Khor then realized he hit 75,000g very quickly, so aimed for 100,000g to bank and haul into Cataclysm.  The 100,000g has been reached, so now I wonder what to do next…buy my Traveler’s Mammoth?  Already have one on my Rogue…  Buy the Sons of […]

Khor’s Gold Making Journal (Updated 8/25)

Welcome to Khor’s Gold Making Journal!  I will continue to do my normal gold making posts, but I wanted to have a constant page here on my site that lists what is currently making money for me.  Feel free to add any good sellers in the comments below! 8-4-2010 Buying Bloodstones for 1g to 1.5, […]

Thorium Crater

Since when did Un’goro Crater become Thorium City?  I have been going all-out leveling a Hunter, and went through Un’goro en route to level 60.  Because Un’goro Crater has been my oldest gold grinding spot dating back to the early days of vanillla WoW, I know the Rich Thorium and Small Thorium vein spawn points […]

Beware the WoW Economy Fallout

I’m giving you guys a heads up.  The WoW economy is already taking its downward turn.  Our gold making schemes will slowly dwindle, and then everything will bottom out as Cataclysm approaches.  If you are anything like me, you will be wanting to save some gold for whatever Cataclysm has in store for us. Watch […]

A Few AH tips and Update

Hey everyone!  The utter lack of Ret Paladins news is, well, making the art of cranking out posts and articles a very difficult chore!  Luckily, I like mind-numbing tasks, so I have pulled my other Ret Paladin from the ranks of bank alt to getting geared up. On my Ret Forums, I offer advice and […]