A Few AH tips and Update

Hey everyone!  The utter lack of Ret Paladins news is, well, making the art of cranking out posts and articles a very difficult chore!  Luckily, I like mind-numbing tasks, so I have pulled my other Ret Paladin from the ranks of bank alt to getting geared up. On my Ret Forums, I offer advice and [...]

WoW AH Tips – Blade of Misfortune

The Blade of Misfortune is one of the top 5 items I try and look for when buying and reselling in the Auction House? Why? Because it usually nets me at least 100g in 24 hours or less. This sword is highly sought after by many classes, and for several reasons. First, it is an [...]

World of Warcraft Economy Report – July 2009

Down, down, down. The real world economy and the WoW economy seem to be taking the same plunge this month. Of all the methods I employ to bring in gold, only one is still bringing in what it normally does. All the others are continuing to plummet. This happens just about every year around this [...]