Retribution Paladin Crash Course

This course is made by Blizzard and it was designed to give you a brief overview of what you need to do to get started playing a Retribution Paladin at level 90. The video explains that retribution’s primary resource is Holy Power, and you will spend the vast majority of your time building Holy Power […]

Cataclysm Leveling Guide Preview

Retribution leveling is one of the most entertaining aspects of PvE gameplay, at least from this Ret Paladin’s point of view.  I have done a leveling guide for levels 1 through 80 for the WotLK expansion, and now Cataclysm has changed everything. The leveling experience is brand new, the quests are different, NPCs have relocated, […]

Gilneas Reputation Pre-Cataclysm

We now have access to the Gilneas reputation, or for those less familiar with that name, the Worgen reputation.  Everyone starts at 0/3000 Neutral reputation, and must work their way up.  It’s pretty awesome to see all the Alliance Worgen spread throughout Azeroth, and I can’t wait to have them fully imbedded into our world […]

Cataclysm Preparations

It is time to prepare your World of Warcraft character for Cataclysm.  As a Retribution Paladin, what you carry in your bags may differ from other classes, and I am going to tell you what I will be taking with me on my journey to level 85.  This is a longer post guys, you are […]

Ret Soloing Magister’s Terrace 4.0.1

I have had a few comments wanting an update on soloing Burning Crusade dungeons.  Magister’s Terrace is by far the most popular for all the extra goodies hidden inside, and that’s where I started.  I already have a page dedicated to soloing Magister’s Terrace, for both normal and Heroic versions. Harder or Easier? Easier, by […]

Retribution Leveling Pre-Cataclysm

Have you decided to level a Ret Paladin before Cataclysm launches?  I did.  I figured making another Retribution Paladin would get me used to the 4.0.1 changes before Cataclysm went live.  I am not regretting it one bit. This time around I opted for a Dwarf Paladin, with Herbalism and Inscription as my professions.  If […]

Solo Anzu – Reins of the Raven Lord

Ret Paladins can now solo Anzu, the boss in Heroic Sethekk Halls that drops Reins of the Raven Lord! Patch 4.0.1 brought about this change, and in the room where Anzu is found, there are no longer any additional NPCs, just the boss. The fight is pretty straight forward for Retribution Paladins. Retribution Paladins Solo […]

Creating Your Own Guild Bank

Why create your own a guild bank?  Simply put, there’s just not enough storage for us to keep a stockpile of anything with our limited bank space.  I was rocking 5 bank toons at one point with max bank slots and bags.  It was awful to keep up with. I thrive on being self-sufficient.  Very […]

Ret Paladin Buffing 5-Mans

Here’s a quick guide on buffing 5-man dungeons as a Retribution Paladin.  Most of you more established Ret Paladins may shrug at this as common knowledge, but some newer Paladins may still be learning the ropes. In Cataclysm, we now only have two buffs: Blessing of Might Blessing of Kings Both blessings last for 1 […]

Ret Paladin – Gearing to Raid

Gearing your Ret Paladin to raid at level 80 can seem like a daunting task.  You gear is a mixture of blues and greens, and all those Ret Paladins running around Dalaran in their T10 is a quaint reminder of how much work lies ahead of you.  Trust me, I know the feeling. I give […]