Gilneas Reputation Pre-Cataclysm

We now have access to the Gilneas reputation, or for those less familiar with that name, the Worgen reputation.  Everyone starts at 0/3000 Neutral reputation, and must work their way up.  It’s pretty awesome to see all the Alliance Worgen spread throughout Azeroth, and I can’t wait to have them fully imbedded into our world in Cataclysm!

Gaining reputation for Worgen is pretty simple.  First you must visit Lord Candren, the Gilneas Quartermaster in Darnassus.  He is sitting right next to the pink portal area that takes you out of Darnassus.  Purchase a Gilneas Tabard from him for a whopping 10s, and you are on your way.

Running any form of dungeon will yield reputation with the Gilneas faction, although WotLK dungeons will give out much more.  Level 1-60 dungeons are more easily done, but they dish out less reputation per kill.

It is these types of situations that make me wonder which is the optimal way to earn Gilneas rep?  I did a few tests and here are my results:

Gilneas Dungeon Reputation Gain

  • Undead Stratholme – 9 minutes, 737 Gilneas Rep
  • Live Stratolme – 9 minutes, 917 Gilneas Rep
  • Scarlet Monastery Cathedral – 4 minutes, 448 Gilneas Rep
  • Scarlet Monastery Armory – 4 minutes, 287 Gilneas Rep
  • Scarlet Monastery Library – 4 minutes, 353 Gilneas Rep
  • Scarlet Monastery Graveyard – 4 minutes, 360 Gilneas Rep
  • Stormwind Stockades – 4 minutes, 515 Gilneas Rep
  • Deadmines – 6 minutes, 810 Gilneas Rep
  • Average Heroic LK Daily – 11 minutes, 1088 Rep
  • Scholomance – 13 minutes, 1261 Gilneas Rep

So, now we have to average out the average Gilneas Reputation per MINUTE.  Keep in mind, these are estimates and not actual numbers.  I may have missed a mob or two, and time will vary based on your approach to the dungeon and how quickly you can pull the entire dungeon:

  1. Deadmines – 135 Gilneas Rep/minute
  2. Stockades – 129 Gilneas Rep/minute
  3. Scarlet Monestary Cathedral – 112 Gilneas Rep/minute
  4. Live Stratholme – 102 Gilneas Rep/minute
  5. Average Heroic LK Daily – 99 Gilneas Rep/minute
  6. Scholomance – 97 Gilneas Rep/minute
  7. Scarlet Monastery Graveyard – 90 Gilneas Rep/minute
  8. Scarlet Monastery Library – 88 Gilneas Rep/minute
  9. Undead Stratholme – 81 Gilneas Rep/minute
  10. Scarlet Monastery Armory – 72 Gilneas Rep/minute

So, as you can see, Stockades and Deadmines are pretty close to even, and will give you the quickest Gilneas reputation per minute.  Keep in mind though, I believe there is still a cap on how many dungeons you can run in an hour (5?), so you may get locked out if you speed through everything.

Also, for those people still trying to reach the 4000 Justice Point cap, this is a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone and gain Gilneas Rep as well.  If you are waiting between queue times, try knocking out Deadmines or Stockades to make the best use of your time!

Hope this helps, and I will try to add a few other dungeons to the above lists soon!  Also, I believe the Alterac Valley turn-ins may give Gilneas rep as well, though I cannot personally confirm this.

Update: Added Scholomance.

EDIT:  Thanks to ScytheNoire for reminding me that this can be mirrored to boost Goblin reputation on the Horde side.  Stoopid alliance-minded Khor!


  1. lordmogg says:

    So is there a new mechannisim that grants you specific Honor for something like Gilneas? By wearing their Tabard?

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    Yup, you can start working on Worgen and Goblin rep as long as you are wearing their tabard in dungeons (not Outland dungeons). I’ve seen a ton of people riding around on the new Goblin mounts already, so it’s not too hard to get to Exalted.

  3. Shogan says:

    Decided to wear the Gilneas tabard for my daily WotLK dungeon (ended up in UP) and was geting rep the whole way through. Not sure of numbers but at a steady pace and for those who are JP farming for Cata, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Khor says:

    @ Scy – Thanks man…how quickly I forget there are now Horde Goblins out there, too!

  5. lordmogg says:

    does anyone know where the goblin tabard can be purchased from?

  6. Jolelli says:

    Goblin Tabard can be purchase in Org.

    I can understand Hordies wanting to rep grind up to get the Trike, but for Alliance there is nothing to buy. If you are a completist, go for it, but don’t expect any reward!

  7. krelm1977 says:

    the goblin rep vendor is right in front of the org rep vendor. look for a goblin on a trike

  8. HolyShoteR says:

    any suggestions to horde side?
    and i’ve heard something in the 7 spirits boss in Blackfathom dephts
    when u kill the number 6 u run behind a wall and reset the fight again and again…

  9. HolyShoteR says:

    guys i’ve discovered the most effective way to get rep ,
    it’s in pit of saron (normal mode) in the final boss no one kills him ,only the tank , the dps kill the mobs on the tunnel they will spawn forever , and u will gain rep by killing them.

    good farm.

  10. skimmy says:

    I have been questing an it appears I cannot progress beyond 5999/6000. You can get to friendly but not honored, exalted or revered. Has anyone else found this?

  11. Khor says:

    One of my guildies was 2000/21000 into Revered…unless he was messing with me.

  12. difens says:

    Everything works fine. I hit Exalted yesterday by doing only Heroic LK instances. Not getting anything for being exalted kinda sucks tho… Horde got new mount :(

  13. robert says:

    but why would anyone want worgen rep?

    there’s no mount to buy

  14. Grana says:

    @ Robert you would want it for achievements.

    @the post there is also quest throughout the world which give rep. and you can do the tabards with all the alliance factions if you do not have them exalted yet though doing the quests get you in old world will get you pretty close now.

  15. trey says:

    they should make it so that they can like infect you and you turn into something simliar to a worgen and that be the mount you get

  16. Caroline says:

    This does look porsminig. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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