Retribution Paladin Reforging

Retribution Paladin Reforging is current for Patch 4.0.6 and Patch 4.1.  Reforging is a new feature in Cataclysm that allows a player to swap a percentage of a secondary stat for a more desired secondary stat on any piece of gear they own.  Specifically, Reforging will allocate 40% of one stat for another.  The new stat cannot be a one already existing on that piece of gear.  Reforging does cost gold, so make sure you adjust correctly.  Should you need to restore a Reforged item to its default form, the Reforging NPC can perform this as well.

Ret Paladins will follow a priority based Reforging stat adjustment.  When deciding what secondary stat to take, you will be wanting to check back to our stat priority list.  Our current prioritization is as follows:

1. Hit Rating

Reforging for Hit Rating is solely done to reach the Hit cap, which is 8%.  Reaching the Hit Cap will be the number one priority for optimal DPS.  Extra hit past the hit cap can be reforged into another needed stat.

2. Expertise Rating

Second priority is the Expertise cap, which is 26 Expertise.  It is possible to build up to 16 Expertise Rating, and then use Glyph of Seal of Truth to add the rest.

3.  Mastery

Mastery is going to be the go-to stat after hit and expertise.  Reforging will be primarily put into this stat.

4. Critical Strike

Crit and Mastery are very, very close.  But at this point in time, Crit falls 4th, and will only be Reforged if Mastery is already on the gear.

5.  Haste

You will reforge away from Haste as much as possible, as this is currently our worst stat as of Patch 4.0.6.  In most scenarios, you will Reforge away from any haste that is on gear to your most needed stat (see above).


  1. Kaufman says:

    Should we reforge crit into haste to reach the haste cap? Or is it a wast of time and money?

  2. G says:

    Been looking around online for a bit now. What’s the haste soft cap exactly?

  3. G says:

    nevermind. read the next article and saw it there.

  4. LOL says:

    what is the haste cap??

  5. boogy says:

    I got 606 haste rating(18,48%) and my CD on Crusader strike is 3.8sec. So stacking haste to 3sec is like, 2000+ haste rating…

  6. kaskarot says:

    the haste soft cap is 1015.

  7. boogy says:

    Should i gem for haste aswell then? And reforge crit to haste? If i reforge more crit now i will be under 20% crit

  8. Lykaon says:

    Something that should be made clearer is where you stack haste to. Everyone is saying until Crusader Strike is down to 3seconds, but that’s not entirely accurate is it?

    Don’t you really want to stack haste down until Crusader Strike is at 3 seconds WITH Judgements of the Pure active? Remember, that talent reduces the cooldown by increasing your haste by 9%. That’s pretty substantial.

    I’ve been trying to find clarity on that and have been unable to do so.

  9. Conflikt says:

    Ugh what is the haste soft cap ffs

  10. dwight says:

    so i am gonna try and word this as best as i can i have reforged all my stuff to mastery, not worrying about crit or haste so much atm. on the dummy i am peaking at 7800dps, and in voa 10 and 25 i am doing 11k. i think mastery is KEY because i get 3 holy points and instant casts all the time pair this with avenging and i am doing alot of dmg. when i crit they range from 22k-40k its nuts, oh by the way we got a Huge buff yesterday. i am on shadowsong check out my armory to see how i did it. dwightshrute 🙂 good luck all

  11. Khor says:

    @ Conflikt – I am working on a haste post now, you will have answers soon 🙂 Should be up within the next hour or so.

  12. Khor says:

    @ Dwight – I have seen some thoughts surfacing about going all out on Mastery. The guys over on EJ are debating this, and I have seen plenty of players shouting its praise. The counterarguments are there as well though, as mastery will be aplenty at 85 on gear. At 80 though, we are just scratching the surface.

  13. Fulgora says:

    There is a formula to calculate the haste cap on the forums here, posted by a user, though I am not sure how accurate it is.


    Also, EJ touches on it with some rounded approx. numbers. According to the formula found in the above thread, mine is around 685. The formula for haste takes into account your latency. So a set number, as I understand it, cannot be given other than CS down to 3 sec.

  14. Khor says:

    Hah Fulgora, yes just got my haste post up. THat forumla is floating around several sources, but BadPaladin did post in up on the forums here! Great job Bad!

  15. Exornn says:

    Haste softcap is 1019

  16. In order to get the soft haste cap I would have to reforge my Crit to haste? I mean I don’t want to do this but right now my CS is at 3.66 sec. Not sure if I want to do that and/or if it idol to get it to soft haste cap. Any suggestions?

  17. Khor says:

    If you are above 16 expertise, you can try to reforge extra expertise and glyph seal of truth. If you are over hit cap, try reforging the extra hit to haste.

  18. Taddeous says:

    I’m at exactly 16 and my hit is at 8.32 so I’m pretty good on hit and expertise. I really don’t know exactly how I am going to get it to 1015.

  19. Leela says:

    Taddeous, the haste cap is only 1015 if you have no latency. I know I just reforged to get mine up and it is sitting around 830 and my CS is definitely where it should be. Therefore, you need to look at your latency and use the formula to figure out your haste cap. I am also hit/expertise capped as well.

  20. Døn says:

    Hi in the Thread “hit and expertise for retris” on this Site you wrote about 22,37 Exp. ??
    Which Post is correct??

  21. Lucent says:

    Please also keep in mind that the 1015 haste is for ideal situations that take into account Judgements of the Pure talent (9%) and Shaman totem. Beyond that you need to be aware of your average latency, see EJ quote below.

    “In a perfect world it takes around 1015 Haste (with Wrath of Air and JotP) to reduce CS to a 3 second CD. However, with latency a factor, on live the best you can do is cast CS, wait for GCD, press an ability, wait for latency, new GCD begins. This means the minimum time between two CS is your CS cooldown + twice your latency (possibly CS CD + latency – you may have to be off CS CD fully before your next keypress, so you’d want the CD to complete before the 2nd latency occurs at keypress). At 100ms latency you would only need around 750 (or 880) haste. 200ms and you need 510 (or 750). These are L80 values.”

  22. Thoril says:

    Hey Khor,

    You wrote, that the Expertise cap is 26, but I needed 55, to push the Chances of Level 83 Boss down to 0… Maybe that aspect needs a change.

  23. Thoril says:

    Sorry for the Doublepost, just had to say, I spoke about the Parry Chance…

  24. Braythor says:

    Soft cap is for Ret – Hard cap would be for Prot. Retribution only needs the soft cap for Expertise because they are fighting from the rear and a level 83 boss can’t parry from the rear. A tank needs to worry about being hard capped on level 83 because he’s in the front. Make sense?

  25. Thoril says:

    Uh, hell, you’re right… Forgot that one, new Blizz Stat System kind of confuses me! Thanks.

  26. Thoril says:

    Still wondering, just tried at the Heroic Training Dummy with 28 of expertise (2 over soft) and even from behind still some attacks were parried.

  27. Phobes says:

    I haven’t touched wow since the new patch went active. First and foremost I just want to say thank you for giving ret players a site to go and check out when in need of help. This site has been very helpful to me throughout my days of playing wow. Anyhow I am a little confused on the new stat prioritization list. The last time I checked, STRENGTH was what us rets were stacking and going for. Take into consideration that I am only lvl 69 right now. The only thing that bothers me about alot of these player help sites is the fact that everything is all information on players that are 80. So I basically have two questions. 1. Do we not worry about strength anymore, and follow the list above? 2. Is their some kind of leveling guide to follow for the new ret tree? I use to follow a strict build leveling guide that would tell me specifically in order which new skills to learn first, and how many points to put into them etc.

  28. palnsir says:

    y cant we ret pallies reforge up to 10 percent on mastery. Because it gives holy power more likely to proc. thus giving our abilities to increase the chance on doin more damage with our templar verdict.

  29. Royals says:

    Here is the basic rundown on why Mastery is bad for us right now.

    When you are to proc a “free” TV, it isn’t neccisarrily free. You are using that TV in place of another attack (usually going to be Judge, Exo, or CS). So the “free damage” from TV is really only worth the damage your TV does, minus the Damage you would have done with another attack. Also, if your next attack was going to be a CS, and you use TV, there is a 60% chance you don’t gain holy power and you are behind 1 HP for your next TV. Yes it will be a dps gain over any other spell you were going to use, but putting massive amount of haste/crit into it just to get a few extra % chance for a “free” TV to proc will be a net DPS loss in the long run.

    Of course I’m not saying don’t use the TV proc when it happens, I’m just saying dropping a few hundred haste/crit for a could % chance at a “freeish” TV is most definitely not worth it.

    Hope that helped palnsir.

    Any other questions you can find me ingame!

    Royals, The Light of Dawn
    US – Rivendare

    Good Luck and happy Ret’ing

  30. jamesy says:

    just a thought, being a herbalist and now have Lifeblood which gives me 240 haste for 20 seconds with a 2 minute CD, will this affect how I build my spec??

  31. incrusiable says:

    you should change this page

  32. Khor says:

    Thank you, Incrusiable, I completely neglected this post and forgot to update it! Much appreciated!

  33. Morc says:

    This information is old?
    Just started playing again, looking to find what I need.

  34. Dregoos says:

    thank u alot,this is a big help for me and my ret paladin 🙂

  35. Megie says:

    Hello can you guys plz update site a bit and add some picks of a well rounded pally plz show in pci what the good crit hast ect should be without over stacking 1

    I love pallys and wanna max out my pvp /pve to the max plz can you assist ?

  36. Hawaiianwar says:

    How much is the hit rating cap? Not in percentage

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