Best Retribution Paladin Helms – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Helms Pre-Raid is current for Patch 4.0.6.  I have a list of the best Retribution Paladin helms, or head slot items, available pre-raiding.  I was surprised at how few options we actually have, but the more I think about it, I am realizing that is a good thing. 

This is a best in slot list for head gear for Ret Paladins, and I am fairly confident this will remain unaltered, at least until we see a Mastery change that raises the value of stacking Mastery on gear.

Best Retribution Paladin Helms Pre-Raid

  1. [Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades] (Engineering only)
  2. [Anomuran Helm] (H)
  3. [Helm of Easeful Death] (JP)
  4. [Stonemason’s Helm] (H)
  5. [Redsteel Helm] (via Blacksmithing)
  6. [Helm of Vicious Direction]
  7. [Helm of Fatal Vision]
  8. [Anomuran Helm] (N)

NOTE: It is possible there are some green helms from questing that may be better than helm #7, but I just listed rare quality and above here!


  1. Zepherous [Darkspear] says:

    Redsteel Helm from Blacksmithing isnt in the top3?

  2. Khor says:

    @ Zeph – You are 100% correct, and I offer my apologies. I didn’t screen green quality items, and that was a huge mistake on my part. If you factor in 1 Bold Carnellian, plus the +30 strength socket bonus, I put this all the way up at #3.

  3. Khor says:

    Also, in reference to MaxDPS’s ratings, they are factoring in meeting socket bonuses, which I am not doing just yet. Yes, eventually I will need to, but for now I am using the general rule of stacking strength gems.

    Sats are still a little hazy in terms of how we need to gem, and that is one of the big topics I am trying to get confirmed as quickly as possible.

  4. Kondey says:

    How about mastery ?

  5. Bastiatt says:

    The Helm of Maddening Whispers is not there? I thought the heroic version of this piece might be overall BiS. Ignore the Blue socket and go Meta+Red and that’s a hell of a stat boost.

  6. Bastiatt says:

    @ Myself = sorry… missed that this list was all pre-raid.

    Look forward to your raid-level BiS lists Khor!

  7. Rob says:

    imo in 4.0.6 Helm of Easeful Death is noticeably better than Anomuran…

  8. Khor says:

    @ Rob – They are actually very close in DPS, though I prefer the crit vs haste since haste has been further devalued. Easeful Death would be a good choice too, because you get the socket bonus.

    The question is, does the difference from crit vs haste surpass the value of the extra 30 mastery? It’s really close, like a 10 DPS difference or so…

  9. Garrüs-Executus says:

    Actually I agree with Rob, with the new mastery, Helm of Easeful Death seems much better than Anomuran Helm. If you take gems in the account, the Stonemason’s Helm is even better than Anomuran, since, if you use an Etched Demonseye in the blue socket, you will get clean +50str, our main source of DPS, rather than the 40 of the Bold Inferno Ruby, plus another 20hit rating, so you can reforge some of your hit in expertise or mastery.

  10. Ikky says:

    I noticed there isnt any Strength cogwheel slots, what is preferred since we’re losing 80 str switching to the Engineering Helm

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