What To Expect From The Retribution Paladin Patch 5.4

There are no doubts that the Retribution Paladin is the best and most balanced warrior in the World of Warcraft. The ability to successfully maneuver a two handed weapon and the durable armor make it the most appropriate character for an avid player. Plus, it relies on mana as a main resource too, whether it comes to stunning the powerful enemies or attacking them from a short distance. But with all these, the World of Warcraft has constantly changed overtime. There were particular times in its history when the Retribution Paladins were the strongest characters and everyone picked them for their campaigns, but also times when they were easily outweighed by other characters. Fortunately, the Retribution Paladin latest patch upgrades have seriously changed these minuses, turning the respective warriors into a fresh force that aims to recover its reputation in no time.

Mists of Pandaria

The new patch 5.4 update (Mists of Pandaria) brings in some slight, yet very important changes. They are not too obvious and they may not be too significant, but they are definitely worth some attention. Some of them, for example, affect their already interesting PvE and PvP utilities. Although the characters were already known to be strong in both domains, a few changes have tweaked them a little. Today, the Retribution Paladin is aligned with all the other hybrids and gains a top spin on how the players will adjust to the new updates. Some of the changes are positive, while others are slightly negative. When it comes to the actual drawbacks, the healing capacity of a Retribution Paladin has now been drastically reduced. Practically, the character is now depending on the Mists of Pandaria only.

On the other hand, the good changes can easily outweigh this minus. Of course, they are more or less useful, depending on each player’s necessities and style. But then, no one can contest the new qualities of Sword of Light. Before the Retribution Paladin latest patch upgrades, the Sword of Light had a 30% Flash of Light. Today, it is doubled up to 100%. At the same time, the Hand of Sacrifice has the capability to eliminate all the harmful and negative magic affecting the player. Of course, it can only be casted by a Retribution Paladin for a maximum effect, which makes it even better. The Avenging Wrath cooling time has also been reduced, so Retribution Paladins only have two wait for two minutes in order to be ready for a new attack.

As if all these were not enough, the overall Retribution Paladin playing style has been spun around. The characters have always had top notch mobility to plenty of classes. Their amazing mobility was the main reason for it, as well as the Hand of Freedom. But then, this benefit will no longer stagnate. Instead, it will keep going up according to the specializations and levels. The further you reach, the more damage, range and healing opportunities you gain. Just like you probably expect it, you need to reach to particular levels in order to benefit from these updates.

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