Best Retribution Paladin Boots – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Boots Pre-Raid is current for Patch 4.0.6.  This is a list of the best Retribution Paladin boots, or foot slot items, available pre-raiding.  I am fairly comfortable with the priorities here, boot items seem to be fairly in order.

This is a best in slot list (BiS) for boots for Ret Paladins, and I am fairly sure this won’t change much, at least until we see a Mastery change that raises the value of stacking Mastery on gear.

Best Retribution Paladin Boots Pre-Raid

  1. [Woe Breeder’s Boots]
  2. [Greaves of Wu the Elder] (H)
  3. [Waywatcher’s Boots]
  4. [Treads of Terror] (Alliance/Horde same version)
  5. [Greaves of Wu the Elder] (N)
  6. [Bloodied Pyrium Boots]
  7. [Statue Climbers]
  8. [Troubled Steps]


  1. Gwar says:

    What about Bloodied Pyrium Boots

  2. Ryan says:

    Bloodied Pyrium is PVP gear. That would hardly make the list.

  3. Lemmy says:

    What about the Tank boots available from Reputation with the Dragonmawclan. If you reforge some Parry into Crit, would that make it a good pair of boots for rets?

  4. Agonus says:

    @ Lemmy,

    No, as a ret, you want to stay away from anything with Dodge or Parry. Even with reforging, you’re looking at a serious DPS loss when you compare it to a similar item.

  5. Fancypants says:

    @Agonus but with the strength you’d gain from, say, some 346 heroic boots (about 48) it seems to outweigh the secondary stat loss so would it not be worth it to replace 246 heroics with the tank boots from dragonmaw?

  6. Agonus says:

    True, you would gain 48 strength, but strength alone is not what contributes to our DPS. With all of that parry on there, you’re losing a whole lot of DPS, even with reforging, I don’t know how all the math works, but I’ve been coming to this site long enough to trust that when Khor says, “No tank gear” he’s dead on the money.

  7. Apogeus says:

    The tanking boots from Dragonmaw are superior to any blue boots out there for retributions, mainly cause of the strenght and mastery it gives, mainly cause strenght is 2 times better then any other stat. Reforging the parry to crit is a perfect viable option, and wield a very nice boost to DPS. It also makes you spend your Valor Points in something else rather then the DPS boots, as yea you gain crit, but you loose mastery and the strenght is the same, so imo, its not that big of an upgrade over the tanking boots of Dragonmaw.

  8. Rob says:

    yeah, with the changes to mastery I’d put the tanking epics above waywatcher’s boots, and if you have enough hit from the rest of your gear they’re probably better than wu’s greaves

  9. Theogard says:

    Khor, i am trying to get a grip on the best boot for me. I have level 333 Treads of Terror (4th on your pre raid list) and level 359 Gryphon Riders Boots. I can drop in a +40 red gem in the Gryphon boots for a strength bonus of +94 over the Treads of Terror. I can reforge 55 of the parry to hit. It leaves me just shy of the hit cap (7.90%) and with a 21 expertise. With the Treads of terror Expertise is 23 and hit is 8.5%. Which way should I go. I have tweaked every bit of hit and expertise I can out of reforging. 94 strength is a lot! Got any thoughts? Also, will your answer change once I am beyond the hit & expertise caps. Any advie is appreciated.

  10. Garragoth says:

    Where do Treads of a Savage Beating fall?

  11. Kpat Silver Hand says:

    Why is Tank gear so much easier to get than DPS Gear of the same level? All the Cata factions are practically giving away the Tank gear.

  12. Nick says:

    With the mastery change, dragonmaw/wildhammer tanking boots are the best pre-raid boots ret pallies can have, just reforge that parry in something more usefull, like hit/expertise cap or crit. The treads of Savage Beatings are a trash drop from Blackwing Descent.

  13. Tix says:

    Treads can be bought from the auction house just like any other trash drop so I wouldn’t count them out. They even require less grind than most rep items since you can find them for a fair amount of gold. Got a pair for as low as 12k gold right now on my server. Since they have the most desirable stat for a retri pala today (mastery) if you can keep your caps without boots on I’d say get them asap. There are no other boots out there in raiding before you get massacre treads heroic that can match them when it comes to stat allocations.

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