Best Retribution Paladin Trinkets – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Trinkets is current for Patch 4.0.6. I bet you guys didn’t know that Trinkets are the most often searched for item (online) for Retribution Paladins, second only to weapons.  I think our trinket dilemmas in Wrath caused us to really build these guys up into highly prized trophies.

In Cataclysm, we have some pretty solid options pre-raiding, covering just about every stat we could need.  My goal is to give you two lists right now: one being for hit and expertise caps, and the other for DPS once hit and expertise caps are reached.

Best Retribution Paladin Trinkets Pre-Raid

Hit and Expertise

  1. [License to Slay]
  2. [Right Eye of Rahj] (H)
  3. [Might of the Ocean] (H)
  4. [Right Eye of Rahj] (N)
  5. [Soul’s Anguish]
  6. [Magnetite Mirror] (H)


  1. [Darkmoon Card: Hurricane]
  2. [Fury of Angerforge]
  3. [Volatile Alchemist Stone] (Alchemy)
  4. [Mark of Khardros] (H)
  5. [Mark of Khardros] (N)
  6. [Impatience of Youth]
  7. [Harrison’s Insignia of Panache]
  8. [Heart of Solace] (H)
  9. [Heart of Solace] (N)