Best Retribution Paladin Chests – Pre-Raiding

Retribution Paladin Chests Pre-Raid is current for Patch 4.0.6.  I have a list of the best Retribution Paladin chest gear, or chest slot items, available pre-raiding.  I am still working on a few calculations that may shift some of the top two or three pieces, but I am comfortable enough with my current list until I can hack away on some spreadsheets.

This is a best in slot list (BiS) for chest gear for Ret Paladins, and I am fairly sure this won’t change much, at least until we see a Mastery change that raises the value of stacking Mastery on gear.

Best Retribution Paladin Chests Pre-Raiding

  1. [Elementium Deathplate] (via Blacksmithing)
  2. [Breastplate of Raging Fury] (Justice Points)
  3. [Phantom Armor] (H)
  4. [Lord Walden’s Breastplate] (H)
  5. [Breastplate of the Risen Land] (H)
  6. [Breastplate of the Risen Land] (N)
  7. [Harbringer’s Breastplate]
  8. [Flynn’s Favorite Chestplate]
  9. [Skyshredder Battleplate]
  10. [Redsteel Breastplate] (via Blacksmithing)

NOTE: With the extra gem slot, Deathplate currently is my top rated chest.  If you cannot get to the hit cap without equipping BP of Raging Fury, then that would take priority.


  1. Llennix says:

    It seems to me that once you correctly gem the BP of Raging Fury, the STR difference will be nominal. After that, having that much hit solves a lot of problems, and, also, can be reforged into something useful if you don’t need as much, at a larger percentage. My inclination is that Raging Fury is a better choice for #1.

  2. Tealke says:

    Won’t the elementium deathplate be better after patch 4.06 because they are adding a red socket to it and also then mastery will be more important ?

  3. Laevum says:

    Sadly, according to Blizzard’s patch notes, the Elementium Deathplate is getting a yellow socket, with +10 Crit bonus, base strength has been dropped to 321 and mastery to 208. Still better though, socketing a Bold Inferno Ruby still kicks the strength up above the other available pieces.

  4. Laevum says:

    Correction, +10 strength bonus for the Deathplate. Still, a Bold Inferno Ruby is king.

  5. sgcray says:

    I am confused between the 2 – [Phantom Armor] (H) and [Lord Walden’s Breastplate] (H). More so because they both dropped in the same run for me. You are suggesting that Phantom Armor is better, but if u consider reforging, Lord Walden seems better, or are they both at par?

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