What does Patch 5.1 have for Paladins?

WoW have released the patch 5.1 (Landfall) recently with a lot of updates, but looks like it doesn’t have a lot of interest for the Paladins. Here are the patch official notes for paladins: Light of Dawn’s healing has been increased by 5%. Holy Prism will now always heal the 5 closest allies with the […]

Leveling and Gear Replacement

With Cataclysm leveling, when is the appropriate time to replace my gear?  I worked really damn hard to get my gear where it is, and I would hate to have it replaced by green quality gear! Guess what?  For those of us that have been around since vanilla WoW, this is the third go-round in […]

Cataclysm Leveling Guide Preview

Retribution leveling is one of the most entertaining aspects of PvE gameplay, at least from this Ret Paladin’s point of view.  I have done a leveling guide for levels 1 through 80 for the WotLK expansion, and now Cataclysm has changed everything. The leveling experience is brand new, the quests are different, NPCs have relocated, […]

Level 71 to 80 XP Reduction

Zarhym announced there will be a 20% reduction in experience required to level from 71 to 80 when Patch 4.0.3a goes live.  This is excellent news, as all other indicators suggested the experience numbers would remain the same, which is very different than previous expansions. I am thrilled, because I have a Paladin sitting at […]

Retribution Leveling Pre-Cataclysm

Have you decided to level a Ret Paladin before Cataclysm launches?  I did.  I figured making another Retribution Paladin would get me used to the 4.0.1 changes before Cataclysm went live.  I am not regretting it one bit. This time around I opted for a Dwarf Paladin, with Herbalism and Inscription as my professions.  If […]

Ret Paladin Leveling Guide

I have had several emails and comments over the past few weeks regarding leveling Retribution Paladins.  Many of these players are using my leveling guides, particularly the heirloom guides, which is great!  It encourages me to see people staying away from guides that literally take you quest by quest.  It leaves very little decision making […]

Choosing a Paladin Race

You have decided to level a Paladin, more specifically, a Retribution Paladin.  Otherwise, why would you be here!  Rest assured you are about to start one of the most fun classes in World of Warcraft.  Yet, one of the trickiest choices you are going to make is the race of your Paladin. Paladins have the […]

Ret Paladin Leveling Glyphs

Glyphs have become an integral part of Retribution Paladins Leveling.  Glyphs further enhance your current spec, which for the benefit of this site, should be Ret!  Paladins are lucky because our glyphs, especially the ones available early on, are very strong, and most can be used even at end game content!  Not a whole ton […]

Warrior Leveling Guide – Levels 11-20

Leveling my Warrior has been surprisingly fun thus far. I had leveled a Warrior to 70 in Burning Crusade, but it was not a smooth road. Given, heirloom gear was not available then, so that played a huge factor I’m sure. My main concern for leveling this time around was if I could DPS quickly […]

Pros and Cons of Leveling Before Cataclysm

I am at a point in WoW where I am slowing down my end-game gameplay.  I am attending raids, as a healer, since we are severaly depleted in the healing category.  I have just about as much Ret gear from ICC 10 as I can get, and my schedule does not allow me to run […]