Retribution Leveling Pre-Cataclysm

Have you decided to level a Ret Paladin before Cataclysm launches?  I did.  I figured making another Retribution Paladin would get me used to the 4.0.1 changes before Cataclysm went live.  I am not regretting it one bit. This time around I opted for a Dwarf Paladin, with Herbalism and Inscription as my professions.  If […]

Smart Retribution Paladin Leveling

As I have been leveling up my retribution paladin with full heirloom gear, I have been learning new limits and boundaries to what I can and cannot do. As my 4th Paladin to level, this one is by far going the fastest (with the help of the heirloom gear). But also, I have perfected my […]

World of Warcraft Paladin Heirloom Project

I am on a mission to see how fast I can level my new Paladin (retribution of course) with 3 heirloom items. These are the bind on account items, which I bought with my ret pally main character. Since I enjoy playing the paladin so much, I have more or less lost the will to […]

Retribution Paladin Guides and Leveling Guides

Retribution Paladin guides and leveling guides. Keep checking back as I am always adding new guides! • Retribution Paladin PvE Guide • Smart Paladin Leveling • Paladin Heirloom Items • Paladin Epic Mount • Intro Paladin Leveling Guide • Pally Entry Lvl 80 BoE Gear List • Leveling Retribution vs Protection • Reasons to Paladin […]

Intro to Paladin Leveling Guide

In World of Warcraft, you are given the option to start the game by selecting the race and class of the character you would like to play with. My first toon I ever created was a Paladin, and my last toon was a Paladin as well. They are one of the easiest classes to play […]