Creating Your Own Guild Bank

Why create your own a guild bank?  Simply put, there’s just not enough storage for us to keep a stockpile of anything with our limited bank space.  I was rocking 5 bank toons at one point with max bank slots and bags.  It was awful to keep up with.

I thrive on being self-sufficient.  Very rarely do I need to outsource for my in-game needs.  And I almost always have whatever random need comes my way, whether it be gearing, leveling, professions or reputation grinding.  Now, I have 2 guild banks, with 5 tabs one one and 3 tabs on the other to manage my gigantic stores.

I removed 2 of my alts from my main guild and created solo guilds for each of them, and now they function as alts/bank toons/guild bank managers.  It’s a beautiful thing, I promise.

So how do you go about creating your own guild bank?  Too often I see people trying to do this in /trade, and it’s just annoying as about anything else in game.


Let’s do this the more subtle way, and get a guild bank fast and as painless as possible.

1)  Guild Charter - First, you need to buy a Guild Charter from you nearest capitol city.  Create your awesome guild name, and grab your charter.  What’s it like, 10g or something?

2)  Getting Signatures - Now you need signatures, 10 to be exact.  These have to be from unguilded players, and they have to keep their signature on the charter until the  guild forms.

Go to the nearest level 1 starting zone, and stand right where brand new characters spawn.  This way, you can see people as they start out at level 1, also guaranteeing an unguilded toon.

Here’s the KEY TIP: Make it worth their while, because your random /whisper is annoying.  And yes, I said /WHISPER.  Don’t do a /general or /yell, just whisper people individually.  People don’t want to be harrassed, especially early in leveling.  However, gold talks, and suddenly people are more than willing to loan their autographs for the right price.

3)  Gold per Signature - Like I said, your whisper will be an annoyance, so counter than with an ultra-sweet offer in gold.  My offer goes something like this:

“Hallo!  Offering 25g for your signature to start my guild for a guild bank.  No obligation, feel free to leave when guild forms.  Let me know if you are interested!”

25g comes to 250g total for the guild creation.  Feel free to offer more, or possibly less, but don’t offer less than 10g.  Be respectful and offer a good amount of gold for the hinderance you are putting on your level 1 victims!

4) Turn Charter In - Turn your guild charter in and your guild is formed!

5) Guild Bank Tabs - Now the fruits of your labor.  Head to the bank and open up your guild bank, which will prompt you to spend:

  • 100g for 1st tab
  • 250g for 2nd tab
  • 500g for 3rd tab
  • 1000g for 4th tab
  • 2500g for 5th tab
  • 5000g for 6th tab

I only bought 5 tabs for my first gbank.  Instead of coughing up 5000g for the last slot, I made another gbank for which I bought 3 more tabs, more than filling my storage needs..

What to Put in Your Guild Bank?

What I put in my guild bank is mainly crafting items, leveling items, and reputation items.  I’ll collect a few pieces of gear as well, but mostly it holds stockpiles of goods I will need at later points in the game.  Here’s an example of my Ore/Mining tab, which I try to keep stocked with Iron Ore and above.

Some people will dedicate a whole guild bank to ores, with each tab for one specific type. Not me, I won’t ever use that much ore.  This works for my playstyle.

What you put in yours should be completely up to you.  Want to have your main toon’s bank used for gear only?  Send everything else to the gbank!

Guild Bank storage works great for me.  What do you use your guild banks for?


  1. Zack says:

    Recently my pallies mining and dks herb/alch have been taking so much bag/bank space, I was considering a guild bank but never tried, now I just made one and am already liking it.

  2. Colin says:

    I haven’t used the guild bank feature yet. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that I only have one level 80 character, my Paladin, and one main alt that I’m currently leveling.

  3. Ronark says:

    Specific addons (like Bagon) will also allow you to view your guild bank from any character, as well as include in the item tooltip how many of each item you have across all realm characters.

    Example: I have a toon dedicated to housing all my enchanting information. When I finish a random heroic and have a lot of Dust, I can see how many Dust I have in my inventory, in my bank, and on my alternative characters just by mousing over the item.

  4. Incrusiable says:

    heh khor how funny you should post about this XD
    recently i have leveled and warrior.
    i started thinking what profession will i get you?
    i decided on mining and engineering.
    why mining when i already have one at 450?
    well im was gonna drop mining on my pally so i have jcing/bsing.
    i didnt wanna give up on the awesomeness that is mining so i started leveling mining on the warrior then i thought hey why vendor and/or ah theese mats?
    so i started saving and i found a bsing guide to see how much of each ore / stone i would need ot get to 450.
    last week i dropped mining and got bsing i ahd almost two full bank tabs of minerals and other mats to level it to 450.
    it took me about 3.5 hours to level just for the fact everything you make takes like 10 mins to make one

  5. Azurarose says:

    I’ve also lucked out with a couple of my alts picking up guilds that no one wants. My daughter has done this as well. Last night I ended up with one for free. The guild bank had one tab, and a bunch of things he no longer wanted. The usual reason I’ve had is someone is moving to another server.

    My main has a 5 tab bank – which I purchased all the tabs. I’ve also managed to pick up one about a week ago with 4 tabs. I verified the tabs were there after being invited to join – that one I did pay 500g for but for 4 tabs??? Can’t beat that.

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