Ret Soloing Magister’s Terrace 4.0.1

I have had a few comments wanting an update on soloing Burning Crusade dungeons.  Magister’s Terrace is by far the most popular for all the extra goodies hidden inside, and that’s where I started.  I already have a page dedicated to soloing Magister’s Terrace, for both normal and Heroic versions.

Harder or Easier?

Easier, by far.  For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like I was taking quite as much damage, and maybe that���s because I was killing mobs faster.  Burst damage on trash is on par, if not better than pre-Patch 4.0.1.  Burst damage on bosses is MUCH better, with Avenging Wrath and Zealotry exponentially increasing our damage output.

Normal abilities such as Crusader Strike and Exorcism pack a titanic punch now, and help us unleash a blistering attack on all targets.

If health gets low, either Divine Storm or Word of Glory.

Here’s the link to Soloing Magister’s Terrace 


  1. Morgan says:

    Hi, first of all I whish to thank you for the ecceptional job you’re doing with this site: your help post 4.0 has been precious 🙂

    I was intrigued by one of the other posts about soloing instances, so I decide to try, taking my chance to train a bit with the new rotation in a somewhat demanding environment (fights in standard nstances are by far too short to effectively test the rotation imo).

    I have to tell that with a retri pala equipped full 264 I was able to solo any Heroic TBC instance without any problem… instant casting heal and using defensive cds at the right time grants an unbelievable survivability which pre 4.0 was only a dream 😉

    Now I’m farming Sethekk Halls in a daily remunerative mount run, while I managed to drop Khel’thas chicken just two days ago!

    Just great!

  2. Ihack says:

    I like this instance but 18th kill and still no mount but I get nice money off it tho 🙂
    Good guide as always 😉

  3. tuhoe says:

    awesome site everything i need to know is right here, love it

  4. Burkke says:

    Great guide! Enjoyed the challenge. It made me really concentrate on how I use my abilities. I was able to get all the loot in under 10 runs.

  5. REWOP says:

    I hit up Magister’s Terrace last night for the first time and I smashed all the way through Vexallus. This is super fun!! Now I have just a couple of questions (noob questions ).

    -How the heck do I get to the next boss Priestess Delrissa? I smashed through Vexallus and then went to the outside area and spoke to this dragon that turned into a night elf but that was it. I was lost!!

    I guess that is my only question lol. This run was fun for the portion that I did. Now I want to finish it so I can get my mounts … HELP!!

    By the way my Ret is REWOP on The Venture Co server. And Khor keep up the amazing work. I am on this site everyday getting feedback and help from you and other amazing Pally’s. It is much appreciated.

  6. Gigi says:

    I have been soloing this instance lately and a guild member of mine who is an enchanter has been letting me invite him so I can select disenchant for soulbound items. I would definitely recommend if you know someone to invite them and then disenchant most of it. You make pretty good money off those items.

  7. Whig says:

    Patch 4.0.6, with an iLevel of 354, I am making this run in 6 minutes, start to finish. I still loot bosses, maybe if I stop that I can get it down to 5. Princess Delrissa, according to DBM, is down in 2 seconds. Yes it’s silly of me but I get a kick out of that, considering I used to wipe on her when I first tried to solo this.

    If only Kel wasn’t so wordy. His speech at the end, it’s like a 30 setback…

  8. Ulfenstein @ Khadgar says:

    I solo this and the Halls daily – nice fast runs –

    For fun I solo’d UK and Nexus

    also did 2 man (me and hunter pal) on CoS Hc to get him the mount …was never below half health – even on the gauntlet…

    Wonder if I can handle the ICC Trash lol

    Great site


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