Solo Anzu – Reins of the Raven Lord

Ret Paladins can now solo Anzu, the boss in Heroic Sethekk Halls that drops Reins of the Raven Lord! Patch 4.0.1 brought about this change, and in the room where Anzu is found, there are no longer any additional NPCs, just the boss. The fight is pretty straight forward for Retribution Paladins.

Retribution Paladins Solo Anzu

To solo Anzu, we have to remember that as of Patch 4.0.1, we don’t have the strong burst AoE, or auto self-heals we were used to. Soloing content is much more tedious now, and you have to be more careful. Being reckless can easily result in a wipe. That means no more mass-pulls either.

Getting to Anzu is pretty easy. Engage the mobs you have to, and avoid the rest. For trash, go with Seal of Righteousness and Blessing of Might. Try not to pull more that one pack of mobs at a time. These guys hit hard in Heroic mode, and you will find yourself healing more than you are used to.

Here is how I solo’ed the trash:

  • Pull with Judgement or Exorcism, using LoS (line of sight) when possible.
  • Primary attacks went CS > Ex > Judge > HW.  I only used Exorcism when it procced, and got as many Holy Wraths in as I could.
  • I did NOT Consecrate or Divine Storm.  Consecrate was for mana purposes, and Divine Storm is useless in my opinion (for soloing).
  • Holy Power was primarily reserved for Word of Glory, which I used often at 2 or 3 stacks of Holy Power.  This came as a higher priority than Templar’s Verdict.
  • If I was full on HP, I opted for Templar’s Verdict, NOT Divine Storm.  Divine Storm is underwhelming in damage and healing…try it and you will see.

You will come across one boss, Darkweaver Syth.  To tackle him, I popped Avenging Wrath, used Hammer of Wrath as often as it was up, and he went down quick.

When you get to Anzu, he is sitting alone in his room.  I simply ran straight in and engaged.  Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Spell Bomb – Minimal effect and damage, but will hit if you try to heal with this debuff on.
  • Paralyzing Screech – This one can be tricky for undergeared players.  Traps you for 6 seconds.  Noting you can do to remove it, although I did not try Divine Shield yet.  Be ready to heal once it’s over.
  • Banish and Spawn Birds – At 66% and 33% HP, Anzu will self-banish, and his flock of birds will attack you.

My fight pretty much went as follows:

  • Seal of Righteousness (Seal of Truth can work, too) with Blessing of Might.  Blessing of Kings for Ret Paladins with lesser gear.
  • Run in and immediately activate Avenging Wrath.  Used Hammer of Wrath often, followed by CS, Ex, and Judgement.  Ignored all AoE abilities.
  • If I took enough damage, Word of Glory.
  • If HP was okay, I hit Templar’s Verdict.
  • Healed up immediately after Paralyzing Screech.
  • When boss banished, did get Paralyzing Screech a couple times, so birds got some free shots in.
  • For killing the birds, I used Consecration and Holy Wrath, with Crusader Strike, Exorcism, and Judgement.  Didn’t use Templar’s Verdict, as I opted for Word of Glory instead.
  • Rinse and repeat, boss went down fast.
  • I never had to activate Zealotry, although that could have been done as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I often found that many times, when I had 3 stacks of Holy Power, I was using Word of Glory above Templar’s Verdict.  By the time the HP stacked up, I needed healing.  If Hand of Light procced, that was my best opportunity to Tv, or combine a quick WoG and TV at the same time.


  1. Ulf says:


  2. Triggap says:

    Great guide. Gonna start farming for this mount now. Seems a lot easier than H Magister’s Terrace now post patch.

  3. Lyreth says:

    IMO they made this mount crap…. now that anyone can go try and farm it whenever they feel like it there are going to be way more of these and it’s losing it’s coolness.. I got it when it was actually crappy to get.. v.v

  4. Triggap says:

    @Lyreth – Probably not as bad as you’d think though. Drop rates are still pretty low and much like Rivendare’s or the Raptor or Zulian tiger, it’s doable but you still gotta take all that time trying to get one unless you’re that lucky.

  5. Anthony says:

    I’m a Prot/Ret Pally so I had the benefit of doing the mobs in Tank Spec which made this fight rather easy since as a tank you can pull considerable damage now days.

    I just went in, pulled mobs, downed em, and moved on. I switched to Ret Spec when I hit the first boss, but seeing as that was a tough fight for me as Ret, I did Anzu in Tank spec, and it went smoothly. No wipes, and unfortunately, no mount either.

  6. whig says:

    I had no trouble with anything in this run as Ret except for the pairs of guards in the last two doorways before Anzu. They actually killed me twice before i started CCing one of them and using cooldowns.

    Good training for Cata!

  7. Ulf says:

    Just did it – Didnt get the mount lol
    Nice stack of loot tho…lol
    Ty for the Info

  8. Raikien says:

    do u still need a druid with u to do this?

  9. Bruceleroi says:

    did it today and got the mount on first kill!…unlike MT which i have been farming for about 3-4 months now with no drop.

    Just an fyi…MT is considerably tougher now with the DS and consecrate nerfs if you’re still going for the mount.

  10. Neo says:

    lol thanks for the tip tried it today was easy, must be lucky today cuz it dropped on my first try 🙂

  11. ÏronBE says:

    I wouldnt say Divine Storm is useless, if you have a group of mobs, Divine Storm hits unlimited targets like the Warrior’s Whirlwind and it heals you for 25% of the damage done, I would class this as pretty useful, though it would be better using Word of Glory if you only have a few on you. For the fight I would consider using Seal of Truth since Seal of Righteousness hits like a wet noodle and the ramp up isnt too long, when he banishes himself and summons his birds, DS comes in handy for taking them down. He dies quickly anyway so not alot of work needed anyway, the trash is more violent in my opinion, pull too many and they can kill you pretty fast.

  12. Vanguard says:

    Yeah last night i checked your site again like i do daily for any new information. Upon seeing your Link stating that we now could solo Anzu i decided id give it a try. Well 4 wipes and one Anzu later i had my very own Raven Lord very first run. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. Maxpro says:

    So I guess Triggap was wrong about it being like the tiger and rivendare 🙁 Lots of people already here saying they got it on first attempt.

    Maybe the fact that we all had them in PTR was a sign of what we’ll see from now on! Birds everywere.

  14. Triggap says:

    @Maxpro – Not necessarily.

    I mean I got the Headless Horseman’s Reins on the first try while I was DC’d cause of that cog glitch.

    A lot of people who would get their mount especially on the first try and more likely to say something about it. I know I would and I do lol

    If the mount really did drop as often as posts of getting it on first tries would make it seem, then I would’ve already gotten mine and you’d see a whole lot more people rushing to do it every day and getting it. You’d definitely see and hear a lot lot more about it in trade chat or in Dalaran’s streets.

    It’s just a matter of luck and I find in this game more often than not it’s you’re either pretty damn lucky or grinding for months.

  15. Neo says:

    yeah i think i was just lucky i have not heard of any drop chance increase i had a druid in my old guild do like over a 100 runs and not get it, though you will see more ppl with it simply cuz more classes can solo it meaning more ppl trying

  16. Dream says:

    This guy was easily soloable before patch 4.0. Of course I have 4 piece and shadow’s edge with JC and Enchanting maxed. 🙂

  17. Ihack says:

    This guide is useful but I find it easiest to switch to prot spec and not worry about anything xD..
    I use my ret gear exept shield and sword for the trash but on bosses I switch back to ret and equip my 2h sword.. I find the trash annoying especially those mobs that MC you and than the aggro restarts xD..

    Anyways got my Raven Lord mount few days ago on my 11th kill 🙂

    still farming MGT and ZG but no luck 🙁

    anyways my armory if anyone cares xD

  18. lordmogg says:

    Tried this , this morning. Partly because of Pilgram achieve and for the reins of the mount too .

    Im not sure if the new changes have made this harder but I got owned the first time. then I have not tried again. may try later. I think if you try and think of the fight as a long slog rather then a quick down then that may help. I forgot to heal myself a fair few times 😉

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