A Few AH tips and Update

Hey everyone!  The utter lack of Ret Paladins news is, well, making the art of cranking out posts and articles a very difficult chore!  Luckily, I like mind-numbing tasks, so I have pulled my other Ret Paladin from the ranks of bank alt to getting geared up.

On my Ret Forums, I offer advice and give guidance to the best of my abilities, and often I am giving out Ret advice to people just starting out at 80.  What gear do I get?  What enchants do Rets use?  How does my gear look?  You know, the common questions we frequently see from people starting out.

It’s been so long ago that I was in that phase, that I decided to go through it again with my other Paladin.  She was the Paladin I leveled in my Paladin Heirloom Leveling guides, and has been sitting in her leveling gear (a mixture of blues and greens) functioning as my bank alt, and also as my enchanter/disenchanter.  Now she gets to earn some gear!

I will document my progress with her as I gear and level up, so stay tuned for that ongoing post!

AH Tips

The Auction House has been very spiky of late, and it’s hard to judge the patterns that are normally easy to follow.  I have found a few good money makers on my server, so maybe you can check them out as well.  Keep in mind, these prices may be very short term…and it varies from server to server.

  • Lichbloom – Selling high again, at over 2g per, or over 40g a stack.
  • Eternal Life – If herbalism is your thing, and Lichbloom is your game, Eternal Life will be falling right into your lap.  20g and over each.
  • Illusion Dust – 2g to 3g EACH currently, high disenchanting yields from vanilla WoW gear items levels 54-60.  I have sold stacks of 20 ranging from 50g to 90g!
  • Scarlet Rubies – Raw and uncut are around 30 to 40g.  Cut versions of Bold, Runed, Fractured, Delicate are selling 60-70g each.  That’s a 30g to 40g profit per cut for Jewelcrafters.
  • Primal Mana, Primal Air, Primal Fire – from BC all selling well at 20 to 30g per.
  • Eternal Fire – still selling well at 30g and over each.

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