Khor’s Gold Making Journal Sept ’10

(Updated 9/16/10) Khor made 75,000g to bank and save for Cataclysm.  Khor then realized he hit 75,000g very quickly, so aimed for 100,000g to bank and haul into Cataclysm.  The 100,000g has been reached, so now I wonder what to do next…buy my Traveler’s Mammoth?  Already have one on my Rogue…  Buy the Sons of Hodir Mammoth?  Not really sure I want to cough all that gold up…

You know what the best part about having a good amount of funds in reserve is?  I have been able to quickly and easily gear up any toon I wanted, be it with armor, weapons, training, flying mounts, dual spec,  cold weather flying, etc.

I remember coming into WotLK with somewhere in the vicinity of 50,000g.  Cold Weather flying, Band of the Kirin Tor, and Traveler’s Mammoth sucked up nearly 25k of that, leaving me 25k to run with.  Not bad, but I expect more of the same type of gold sinks in Cataclysm.

I already know I’ll have to drop 5,000g on flying in Azeroth since I do not have the 310% flying mount.  I have 5 toons with epic flying, so that will eventually be 25k total.  100k just went to 75k in a hearbeat.  Who knows what else I will sepnd my coin on when I ding 85.

So, I guess the plan is to keep on hoarding gold, saving it, and leaving it alone until Cataclysm rolls in.  Then I’ll loosen the purse strings…a little bit.

Here is how I am doing with gold making:


  • For somereason, Rugged Leather rocketed to 35g per stack or more.  I have spent the majority of my time farming this in either UBRS or the Frostsaber cats in Winterspring.  Made over 600g so far in the last 24 hours.
  • A few of the UBRS runs have yielded Pristine Black Diamonds (2 to be exact).  Sold for 180 each.  Very easy 360g.  If you farm Scholomance, Stratholme, UBRS or LBRS…keep an eye out for these bad boys.  Can make so heavy gold real fast.


MMO Champion predicts an early November release date for Cata and the AH seems to be hosting massive sell offs.  I’m not seeing a crash in the AH yet, but it’s  a small sign that the AH market downturn is not far off.

  • More Skinning, this time taking to the Dragonkin in Dustwallow (the yield 2 Heavy or Thick leather per skin most of the time). Heavy Leather at 15g per stack and Thick Leather at 20g per stack.  Did this for abotu an hour and left to farm more Nerubian Chitin.
  • Argent Tournament Dailies as well as my Epic gem cut.
  • Also sold half of our gbank supply in preparation for Cata.  Abyss Crystals are still selling well at 25g per.  Stacks of Infinite Dust went for 25g per, and Greater Cosmic Essences for 12g per.
  • Eternal Life is the highest cost eternal at the moment, ranging from 17-20g per.  Eternal Fire is right behing at 15g, and Eternal Air is third at 13g per.  Eternal Shadow had been shooting from 5g-10g, and Eternal Water and Earth are abyssmal at 2-4g per.
  • More herbing on my Rogue.  Lichbloom still at 20g per stack.  Icethorn dropped to 10g per stack, and Frost Lotus at 12g.


  • Had to make a Horde toon to start saving up some gold for my Tauren Paladin in Cata.  Started literally with zero gold.  Making a DK would be the obviously easier choice, but that”s no fun!  By level 10 I had 100g, mainly from selling Copper Ore at 7g per stack and Light Leather for 3g per stack. Tigerseye and Malachite were cheap at 25s each, but Shadowgems were 3g per, making them the highest gem sell at that point.
  • AH prices are still dipping.  Was lucky to get 100g for my daily Epic cut.  Same Argent Tournament quests.  Saw leather prices were still high, so I farmed on my Hunter and sold stacks of Borean Leather at 20g, Nerubian Chitin at 5g per (had 60), and Arctic Fur for 70g (had 6).


  • Ran my Argent Dawn dailies, netting 111g.  Flew a couple circuits of Icecrown, yielding 5 stacks of Saronite Ore, and 1 stack of Titanium.  Saving all the eternals I gathered.  Titanium was 200g for the stack, and Saronite came in at 15g per stack.  One epic gem transmuted and cut, sold for 110g.


Decided to spend some time with my Rogue.  In between queues, I herbed Storm Peaks.  Each 20 minutes between queues yielded 2 stacks of Lichbloom (20g), 2 stacks of Icethorn (12g), 2 Eternal Life (20g) and 4 Frost Lotus (12g).  Al told, around 150g.

  • Storm Peaks was shockingly empty of herb farmers.  I have noticed a recent decline in herb farming, mostly due to the herb fallout in the Auction House.  Prices are low, but there’s very little competition on the gathering fields.  There is still money to be made.

One epic gem cut and sold via transmute…120g.

ZG full clear.  No mount, but bosses + trash + DE greend + Runecloth + Bijous + ZG coins = almost 400g.  I cleared the trash, and Bijous are selling at 10g a piece or more.  I don’t test my luck…10g is usually as high as I will go.


  • Argent Tournament Dailies for 111g.  You can see how I go about these very quickly in my 121g in 17 minutes post.  It’s an older post, but it still works very well.  I believe I can complete these now in just under 15 minutes.
  • Also did the 6 Ebon Hold dailies for about 80g.  Took me no longer than 20 minutes to do these.  A good estimate would be 15 minutes if you are hauling a$$.
  • Haven’t bought Titanium Ore to turn into Epic gems recently.  The Epic gem market has plummeted, while the Titanium Ore market has stayed solid.  Unless you get lucky, it’s a money loss strat atthe current time.


  • Argent Tournament and Ebon Hold dailies for nearly 200g.
  • Mining Icecrown in 4 circuits throughout the day yielded 14 stacks of Saronite Ore (13g) and 1.5 stacks of Titanium Ore (200g per stack).  Saved the Eternals I mined.
  • Full ZG clear (no Tiger mount) for almost 400g.


  1. Darthal says:

    I don’t get it. How is it even possible to make that much? I made 10,000 for cata and that took weeks. Mind you i do engineering/mining but still, that couldn’t inhibit that much?

  2. Fuzzyywuzzyy says:

    Flying in cata is now 250 gold for azeroth.

    Don’t know if that’s epic or regular.

  3. Cloudruler says:

    If you have toons that u like to play and want to gear up while making gold at the same time i highly recommend GDKP runs in ICC. I got a hunter to 80 awhile back and a rogue to 80 Aug 23, both now have 5.8K GS’s and i make around 2K per ICC GDKP run. With 5x 80s geared i can do that 5x a week……. money is starting to flow in like a river.

  4. Maxpro says:

    A lot of work goes into making gold effectively… and its even more work to keep the gold coming in.

    Everyone always gives the same cliche advise: find out what sells on your server, and focus on that… but as cliche as that is, it is what works.

    I recent maxed JC/Enchanting on one of my characters, it cost me 6k to max it out, which was all the gold I had at the time. Within the first week of maxing them out, I had earned 14k(spent a total of around 3k on mats so was sitting roughly around 10k. That was almost 2 weeks ago and I have around 20k now.. with a LOT of things currently listed on the AH.

    The more money you have, the more easily you can make money. Having multiple toons with maxed out proffs also makes it easy to make money. Buying ore when its cheap and prospecting it is a great way to make money even for low levels. I made around 1500 last week from buying cheap Iron ore and selling the gems. Citrine go for 20g each on my server.

    One piece of advice I would give to anyone who is getting ready to start farming for gold for cata.. is if you plan on doing it via proff and AHing, than make sure what you want to make and sell is still in decent demand with cata coming up. I expect chanting scrolls and gems to really slow down the last few weeks before cata.

  5. Badpaladin says:

    Since I don’t raid hardcore anymore, I’ve had some pretty lucrative opportunities to make gold.

    Weekly gdkp = 10k gold, considering we do 9/12 hard modes and 12/12 normal modes. I’m part of the “Carry” group that carries the very undergeared(but very, very, very rich) “getting carried” group. The result is the undergeared get the gear they want and everybody gets a nice, hefty pot of gold.

    Started out at about 30,000 gold and now I’m approaching 200,000. I also play the auction house by making a wide, wide variety of gems as well. It takes time, really. To play the auction house, you need to take a good week or three to establish yourself in the market by slowly but surely taking over some part of the market you wish to command. If you can get to the point where you can substain your market’s self cost purely from profits, you can only earn more gold.

  6. Thaldai says:

    WOW! Thats much!

  7. Joe says:

    I do all my dailies and im pumping out 400 gold per session with just dailies and vendoring grays and such its really nice to see my gold everytime i log in 🙂

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