Khor’s Gold Making Journal (Updated 8/25)

Welcome to Khor’s Gold Making Journal!  I will continue to do my normal gold making posts, but I wanted to have a constant page here on my site that lists what is currently making money for me.  Feel free to add any good sellers in the comments below!


  • Buying Bloodstones for 1g to 1.5, and selling Bold Bloodstones for 10g, Perfect Bold Bloodstones for 15-20g
  • Titanium Ore at 160g per stack (8g per).  Prospect ore, sell epic gems cut, except Eye of Zul, which I sell raw.  Titanium Powder is an excellent sell at 200-250g per stack of 10 (20-25g each).
  • 3 LBRS runs netted me 5x Recipe: Greater Fire Protection Potion (10g each), 2x Beaststalker Gauntlets (25g each), 2x Shadowcraft Belt (25g each), 1x Shadowcraft Gloves (35g), 1x Skullflame Shield (700g), and 1x Hurricane (400g).  A few other BoE blue and loads of BoE greens.  Several enchanting plans as well.  UPDATE: Skullflame Shield sold within 24 hours, Hurricane within 72 hours.
  • Netherweave Cloth stacks of 20 (3g and under).  Using cloth to make Netherweave Bags (16 slot) and selling for 6-8g.  One stack of cloth = 1 Netherweave Bag.


  • Gems continuing to sell well, just not at high prices.
  • For some reason, raw mats for cooking are selling well.  Everything from zesty clam meat and up are selling for a nice little profit.  If you are leveling, save your raw cooking mats and sell ’em.
  • Netherweave stacks bought for 2.5g (about 25).  Made 25 Netherweave bags for 7g each.  112.5g profit.
  • Farmed LBRS for Shadowcraft Gloves and Beaststalker Gloves only.  5 runs in about 45 minutes, 2 Shadowcraft Gloves (50g each), 2 Beaststalker Gloves (30g each), handful of greens, lots of Runecloth, and a BoE blue crossbow.  With vendor trash sold, made about 225g.  I upped the prices on the gloves since they sold so well last time.


  • Titanium Ore bought (10 stacks) at 6.5 per ore.  Spent quite a bit of gold.  Titanium Powder selling at 30g each now.  From prospecting, got 12 epic gems, a couple scarlet rubies, 4 Sky Sapphire. Cut Bold Scarlet Rubies (40g), Solid Sky Sapphire (15g), and several green Bold, Solid, Delicate, Runed gem cuts (2-5g each).  UPDATE:  Everything sold for around 2150g. Profit of about 850g.  Mostly thanks to the ridiculous price of Titanium Powder.


  • Sold all my leather from skinning while leveling up my Hunter (currently in the 70s).  Light Leather sold for 8g per stack.  Medium Leather sold for 15g per stack (I was shocked).  Heavy Leather sold for 15g per stack.   Thick Leather sold for 18g per stack.  Rugged Leather was selling for 20g+ per stack.  Yikes.  May have to go back and farm leather later on!


  • Found 7 green weapons in the level 41-45 range on the AH for 4g each or less.  Disenchanted for Greater Nether Essence (got 11).  Sold for 10g each. Profit of around 80g!
  • More epic gem selling.  This time, from my alchemist’s stash (transmuting over the last week).  Mainly Solid Majestic Zircon at around 120g per.  Sold 6 for around 720g.


  • Slowed down on my AH selling.  Been working on Hunter gear since he is 80 now.  Not much action, maybe brought in 200g total over the last 2 days with random AH sales.  More to come when my Hunter gets geared up.  Right now he is working on leveling Leatherworking (I switched from Enchanting).  Skinning during queue times makes for very little wasted time.


  • Found several weapons level 55-60 (vanilla WoW item level) and DE’d for 14 Greater Eternal Essence.  Sold for 9g each.  Spent maybe 40g made 126g.  86g profit.
  • Also sold more Netherweave Bags.  Stacks  of Netherweave Cloth at 3.5g and sold bags for 7g each.
  • Couple more epic gems sold from transmuting via alchemist.
  • Market is slowing down across the board.  Let’s see what happens when school starts back up.


  • Been spending more gold than earning, it seems.  Invested some gold in leveling Leatherworking.  Arctic Furs at 75g each, made Frosthide and Icescale Armor leg enhancements and sold for 200g.  Profit of 50g each since I had the other materials already.
  • Epic gems continue to sell well.  Made a surplus of Purifed Dreadstones, which have stalled in selling.  Made 8, still have about 3 left.  Solid Majestic Zircon still selling well at 125-135g, and all Cardinal Rubies still selling well.  Titanium Dust still at 20-25g each, so still selling well.
  • Looted a BC gem pattern while farming for LW, Great Dawnstone I believe.  Sold for 100g.  BC gem cuts that are BoE tend to sell well still.  Players don’t need them, but you would be surprised at how many people “HAVE” to have every available plan/pattern/recipe for their professions.
  • Sold some Runecloth at 4g a stack, Mageweave at 8g a stack, and Wool Cloth at 6g a stack this week.  Wasn’t really farming this particularly, just fell to me on some bored downtime.
  • Vanilla WoW gems have fallen in price due to lack of demand, abundance of Thorium, and general burnout until Cataclysm.  However, they still sell well.  Sold some Star Rubies for 5g each, Azerothian Diamonds for 11g each, and Aquamarine for 3g each.
  • Looking to start more solo dungeon runs for gold now that my Hunter is geared up.  I’ll post the earnings soon!


  • Epic and Rare gems still selling well, just not for as much lately.  Buying raw Scarlet Rubies in the AH and cutting them is still yielding the biggest profit (20-45g)
  • Leveling Leatherworking on my Hunter is a tedious pain.  That said, I have been using all my Arctic Furs I have looted to make epic armor kits.  I have the rest of the mats.  So, like I mentioned on the 21st, I am making about 200g per kit.
  • Worm Meat, Chunk o’ Mammoth, and Worg Haunch all selling well from loot on skinned mobs.  ANywhere from 7-20g per stack!
  • Turned a ton of my extra Frostweave Cloth and Infinite Dust into Frostweave Bags.  Sold 15 at 45g per bag.  Was cheaper to do this than to sell the mats raw at the exact time I did this, however, the next day, raw mats would have sold higher.
  • Greater Arcane Protection Alchemy recipe dropped from the blue dragonkin in Winterspring.  Tried to sell at 100g.  Nope.  75g?  Nope.  Now it is at 50g.
  • Waterlogged Recipe from Fishing Daily Quest yielded me an extra 50g.  Might have been able to sell for more, but I didn’t want to push my luck.


  1. Maxpro says:

    Very nice short guide.

    Prices on US-Arthas are really bad ATM, but one of our best sellers seem to be flasks.

    Leather is also a huge seller for us. Arctic Fur goes for aorund 50-65g and is so easily farmed and even collected during heroic farming. Stacks of Borean Leather go anywhere from 12g-20g per stack.

  2. tehforce says:

    Skullflame shield for only 700g? That’s cheap. I’d easily buy one for 4x that price.

    I like farming UBRS, Strat, and scholomance too. I have 2 accounts and normally log on an enchanter on the 2nd account so I can DE any BoP blues from bosses. They turn into large brilliant shards which are needed for lots of the heirloom enchants as well as other enchants and libram turn-ins for Diremaul rep. I can sell a stack of them for anywhere from 200-350g. If you don’t have 2nd account try to find a friend who is willing to sit in your party while you’re out farming.

    Disenchanting BoP’s really cuts down on the space they take up in your bag and means less trips to the vendor.

    I normally DE all my greens as well, simply because I’m stacking runecloth and recipes and other things and don’t have a lot of inventory room. Illusion dust and lesser and greater eternal essences sell really well.

    In Strat and Scholomance the bone fragments and crypt fiend parts sell extremely well to people who are grinding out rep with the Argent Crusade. And the Righteous orbs that drop on the live side of Strat are used for the Crusader enchant, you can normally get about 2 per run 250g each.

  3. Revvy says:

    I envy your server’s economy Khor. im on saurfang, and the economy is crap atm.

  4. Maxpro says:

    People also need to remember prices vary a LOT between servers, and even factions of the same server.

    Flask of Endless Rage on Arthas for Horde, usually sell for 18g on average… other servers I’ve been on they go for 30g average… and some the average price is 12g.

    I’ve read a lot of gold guides and people will always say you can bank x amount of gold per hour by following the guide. But usually, thats not the case because of difference in prices.

    Players need to look at their own AH and see what guide would be best for their time, based on what prices look like at their own AH.

  5. Vevan says:

    Khor this website is very helpful! It helped me make gold and make a good pally! Thanks!!

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