Profits Inbound for Inscription and Herbalism

That’s right.  If you have Herbalism or Inscription as a profession, the live release of Patch 4.0 is a date to circle on your calendar.  With the patch going live, we will be introduced to the new Glyph System.  The idea is still the same, but there are several changes to take note of.

We will now have 3 Prime, 3 Major, and 3 Minor glyphs to help us in our journeys across Azeroth.  This means more glyphs can be in use, allowing flexibility for gameplay preferences.

This biggest change, however, comes in the form of learning glyphs.   Once you learn a glyph, it will be added to your Glyph “Spellbook”, and you will NEVER have to learn it again.  So buy Glyph of Crusader Strike, and you can add, swap, and remove it as often as you would like!

Players will be wanting a full set of glyphs to choose from, because now we can have glyph ‘sets’, easily swapping glyphs to optimize DPS, depending on the situation at hand.

So why is all this important?  Well, with a one-time glyph purchase, expect to see Glyph prices rise, as Inscriptionists will want to see the profits even out.  On top of that, the rush for glyphs will be titanic on the day of Patch 4.0’s release.  Expect to fetch some outrageous profits as players gobble up glyphs to satisfy their impatient indulgences and painful need to complete their Glyph sets ASAP.

Herbalists can also stake their claim on the Patch Day profits.  Inscriptionists who have not planned things out will see Glyph prices skyrocket, and will want a piece of that gold pie.  But wait, crap, they don’t have the herbs stored up and farming may take too long to bring in fast gold!  So, they turn to the AH.

My prediction is that Glyph prices will be outrageous, I’m thinking 100g for some essential glyphs.   And people will pay.  Yes, this will taper down with competition, especially as more and more people flood the market.  But there will be gold to be made.  The dark horse is in herbalism and the stacks of herbs that will be sold in those first few days.

Good luck to all!


  1. Khavar says:

    As a “Scribe”, I can’t wait for this. It’s finally my time to shine. There hasn’t been much gold to be made but it looks as if my patience will finally pay off.

  2. Darthal says:

    Yes but how many of these glyphs are just remade, you could just buy a lot of them now and bag them in hopes that most will not be removed, then you could either sell them on patch day or have some (nearly) free glyphs.

  3. Vanthem says:

    Anyway to get a full list of of Pally Glyphs for all specs? I would love to get some Glyphs now before the prices skyrocket.

  4. Praa says:

    Did anyone else read the trade chat?

  5. Joe says:

    October 5th PATCHDAY!

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