5 Ways of Making Cata Gold

There are so many ways to make gold in Cataclysm right now, it’s not even funny.  Pretty much pick something to sell, and you will see big profits.  This won’t last forever, and as Cataclysm trucks along, prices will dwindle.  For now though, enjoy raking in that extra gold!

I decided to list my top 5 ways of earning extra cash, and I would love to hear how others are making extra income as well!

1.  Embersilk Cloth

After finishing First Aid, I started selling this on the Auction House, and it has not slowed down at all.  I am averaging 150g-175g per stack, with stacks almost always selling within 5 minutes of placing them on the AH.  The best way I have found to go about this is to farm Tol Barad, usually the daily quest areas (aka the D-Block, etc.)m even when it is occupied by the opposing faction.  A good 30 minutes of farming usually yields 4 to 5 stacks.

2.  Obsidium and Elementium Ore

Mining is my gathering profession, and now that Blacksmithing is maxed, selling ore has made huge profits.  The market still is fluctuating, but Obsidum ore is bringing in anywhere from 100g-200g, with Elementium ore around the 100g-150g range.  Mining is best in your server’s off hours, and my best place to farm is stil lrather untouched..Tol Barad. Not the peninsula, the battleground areas.  About 6 or 7 ore spawn locations that pop fairly frequently.  That’s between you and me though, and in the words of Emeril Lagasse, “Shhhh! Don’t tell ’em, they’ll all be doin’ it!

3.  Pyrium Bars

 Mining usually gives me plenty Pyrite Ore, with Pyrium Bars as the end result.   The bars have been selling for more than the ore itself, with one bar averaging anywhere from 35g-75g on my server.  Very fast gold here if you get lucky enough to pick up several Pyrtie Vein spawns.

4.  Volatile Elements

While these were extremely hot when Cataclysm launched, they have simmered down a little since.  Nevertheless, fires, waters, and air are all fetching solid prices at 25g-40g each, with earths around 10g-20g.

5.  Daily Quests

Not anything exciting, I know, but completing all 25 daily quests in the course of a day is generating roughly 300g or so, not to mention all the mats, gear, and vendor trash accumulated along the way!

 Other Methods

Obviously, I am leaving out some huge money makers, such as herbs, enchanting mats, leather, etc.  How are you guys making gold?


  1. Gallt says:

    I was pretty much broke in LK after blowing a lot of money and had around 700g left to my name, lol. After 2 weeks in Cat I had over 11,000g selling everything you stated above. Two things I did sell that weren’t listed are meat (got a fair amount of fish in Vashj’ir) some of it sells fairly good, and crafted gear I made bringing BS up. Especially the blue PvP and tank gear, they fetch nice profits on my server. I havent gotten to crafting Epic gear yet, but Iv’e seen pieces for 15k 20k gold on there….don’t know if they are selling or not but yowza.

  2. Aszmo says:

    You’ve kinda ignored Jewelcrafting, which is still hot thought it has simmered some.
    The lower set gems like Jasper and Alcite and Carnelian as well as Nightstone and Zephyrite still bring in anywhere from 15 to 25 gold each on my server.
    The Nightstone and Hessonite are used for the rings and necklaces and still can be very profitable.

    With the way the JC daily is now it will each up certain gems on a daily basis so I don’t see the market cooling just yet.

    The rare gems sell fairly well especially the Red gems.

    I farm and prospect daily and make anywhere from 1200 to 2200 a day..

  3. Leila says:

    I got 6 Transmute masters that are making Truegold and volatile elements transmute every day which are all selling very well right now.
    That can bring me 1000 to 5000 gold each day if i got lucky with the
    Since Cata got released i got 2x double transmutes on Truegold so not
    bad so far

  4. Pallykate says:

    Flasks!! There are multiple guilds that are now raiding multiple times a week (mine included) on my server. I am able to sell flasks from anywhere between 200-400g each. I farm Sunday-Wednesday and put them on the AH Wednesday night. I made 10k last week just from that. With my xmutes selling at 200g a pop twice a day, I have had more gold than I know what to do with.

  5. Santitelum says:

    Like Pallykate said, Flasks. Especially the Flasks of the Draconic Mind (Intellect flask). I’m Making at least 350g per from those, with Flask of the Wind (agility) and Flask of Flowing Water (spirit) around 250g per. Flask of Titanic Strength only sells for about 100-150g on my server. Truegold bars are going anywhere from 1000-2000g a bar, depending on time of the day. I sell off herbs I don’t use in flasks such as Stormvine and those sell for 100g+ per stack.

  6. Gwar says:

    Try bs and mining. Mine and buy mats for bs stuff to sell on ah. :$

  7. Nauti says:

    Now, here’s a little thing… I went potions master when I found out that health and mana potions are not dropping on mobs… I can make 400g+ for a stack of health potions and 800g+ on a stack of mana pots. I farm for a few hours a week and make about 10-15 stacks of each potion… I am not lacking for gold, in fact I am now gold maxxed on my banking guild.

  8. Valarûne says:

    I’ve been making 3k+ a day by selling the pvp plate crafts from BS. Each piece sells for 1000g+ on my server. Also seling the ebonsteel belt buckles generate quite the profit for me.

  9. Innerfaith - hellscream says:

    Im farming the tigers for savage leather at entrance of tol’ vir, gives roughly 120-140 savage leather before I get the ‘to many instances messages’. I make them heavy savage leather, trade for pristine hides and make LW belts and chest.
    Sold 2 belts already yesterday and day before, first for 16k gold, second for 12k gold.
    Good and easy money 😀
    The volatile’s needed I just bought from AH but with sell prices like this for LW gear you get a huge profit anyway.

  10. Creamyo says:

    I’m selling the orbs for 1k each on dreadmaul
    B/S has made me some serious $$
    Ebon belts are going for 250-500g depending on days:D

  11. achillean says:

    I have been making decent gold with inscription. Notched Jawbone and tattooed Eyeball have been selling for 2,000-3,000 gold a piece

  12. Mithros says:

    What server do you play on? I’ve been trying to find your armory page to check out your stats and gear. Is this info need to know or can you post a link? Thanks and thanks for the great website. Was ready to give up on my pally till I found this. Great job!!!

  13. neo says:

    if you do armory search on khor there is only 1 human ally paladin i assume thats him, seems like he brought the full lvl 60 pally pvp set for lols? haha

  14. Gnarlie says:

    BS and mining has been good to me. Only prob is that ppl undercut so much. a few golds is ok but 1-2k is a bit steep. Cloth was an easy money maker in the first weeks, now i dont even bother on my server. And 1 years in as a wow player im gettin herbalism and mining on an alt. 😀
    Not sure if to go inscription or alchemy on my main tho.

  15. Threatadin says:

    I make around 800-1000g with one simple tactic, and that’s with a densly populated horde server and not much attempt at farming. No profession required, unless you want to make your own potion… which leads me to the tactic. Before you head out, you want to have one [Potion of Treasure Finding] (http://www.wowhead.com/item=58488). Next, you will need to head out to Deepholm then go to the location west of ToE and east of the Needlerock areas. There you will find large Therazane soldiers fighting Rock Flayers… which are your targets. However, there are mobs in particular that you want to kill most of: the swarmers. they have around 11k HP and dont hit for very much..not to mention super fast respawn times! They often travel in groups of 4-6 if not attacked by anyone/anything. They might not drop much gold, BUT if you use your Pot of Treasure Finding, you have a “very average” chance to loot a Small Chest of Treasure from them.. containing 2-5g, maybe some Embersilk, Volatile elements, or even some greens/blues. Not to mention, the pot increases your chances at getting an Embersilk Cloth drop from the mob itself. Based off my farming, there is about a 40-50% chance to get a chest drop per swarm. I made 816g PROFIT in one pot duration farming as protection, for the AoE. The potion, bought off the auction house, only costed me 150g… but this varies depending on server. Very good investment, almost dumb to not do. I plan to keep farming this way to work on getting my DMF hurricane deck!! 🙂 Give it a shot!

  16. Lumpi says:

    Hey Threatadin, excellent idea! I’ve made several Treasure Finding pots but never used ’em and am kinda strapped for gold atm. I think I’ll head there and farm it tonight. Thanks man!

  17. Lumpi says:

    Unfortunately the rock flayers don’t drop any loot anymore, I spent about 10 minutes farming them and nadda. Instead, I went to the fallen soldier ghosts that are fighting each other in Tol Barad Peninsula, they have about 20% of their health left so they are quick and easy to kill.

  18. Lilstomper says:

    I have maxed JC, chanting, mining, herbs, inscription, and soon to be alchemy. Early on all I had was mining herbs but that was so crazy effective I lvled crafting professions. I property ore anytime ore prices are good and I mill herbs a LOT. On a weekend day i have milled 150 stacks of herbs and ore combined. I usually dbl my money. Make inferno inks and fortune cards with inscription. Make jewelry to DE from JC. Cut blue gems and sell the nightstone, Jasper, and zephyrite. Use carnelians to make spikes which 90% of time give me 2-3 greater celestial essence

  19. Zenoxix says:

    I have the herbalism/mining combo and make rounds around the lower part of Mount Hyjal a couple of hours a day, off and on. Between rounds I stop by the pools of fire around Sulfuron Spire in the south to see what volatile fire I can get, and rinse and repeat. On my server, with herbs going for 80-100g per stack, obsidium going for 50-70g per stack, volatile life from herb nodes going for 8-11g each, and volatile earth and fire from deposits and fishing respectively going for 17-20g each, I’m managing probably 3,000-5,000g per day.

    That’s essentially a illusionary bag (26-slot general purpose bag) every couple of days. Not bad.

  20. ajju says:

    well in the beginning when cata came out i made really good amount of gold i play on kazzak ally but now atm its 14april the prices on my realm is down to bullocks atm i am selling strength,int,spirit and stamina flasks at 25g to 35g a piece and ppl still dont buy nothing so i am just making some gold from jc and insricption now and mostly from disenchanting matts.
    let me know how r ur servers going on cause i think at my server ppl are tired and done with raiding

  21. Ulfenstein @ Khadgar says:

    Got a druid for herbin and go to Abyssal Depths – in seal form with the Speed Glyph – can herb for half hour and get 10 -20 stacks of Azshara Veil and Stormvine – Mill and make DM cards – or just sell inks – Can make 1000’s easy…best thing I did to make gold – Look at Ulfenstein on Khadgar and see my stuff – mostly got with the Gold I make….
    Only the Sword was from the one and only Hc I have bothered with to date lol



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