Retribution Paladin Patch 4.2 Experience From Omebagger!


My personal view is that Ret Paladin in patch 4.2 has around 75% stable rotation output, with the last 25% to be dependent on RnG:

– Absolute random (and to be honest sucking) procrate on Divine Purpose, I have personally experienced this to proc a LOT in row sometimes and then just remain dead silent for approx 1.5-2 minutes. This is something that should really be looked at by the blizz-RnD team, to make this talent more stable and reliable in our output.

– Art of War procs, Even though a lot more “stable” proccing then Divine Purpose still this is RnG. I’m slightly disappointed in the dependency of RnG in our rotation, and it really makes a TON of difference if we get a DP-proc on the pull or not.

In my views, their DP-talent needs slight altering: lowering the proc chance on the majority of spells, from 15 to 10%, and increasing the % on Judgments,

As Judgments deal significant lower damage then the mainstay of our arsenal, nonetheless Judgements are vital in our rotation to keep mana flowing.  Judgements lower our DPS. Altering Judgments proc chance on DP would make this spell a bit more attractive, even though i do cheer at a buff on the judgment spell as well.  Next to judgments being on an 8 sec CD, the increased proc chance on it would greatly help our chances on getting inquisition up earlier, therefore increasing our output.

Having a DP-proc on the pull, the walhalla is a straight proc on our 1st cast judgement whislt running to our target, makes a massive difference in DPS. i dare to estimate this exceeds 2.5k DPS on overall. As Ret is still the steamroller-dps, this is comparable to shifting over 2 gearboxes on accelerating ( knight riders Turbo Boost! :P)

The mainstay of Ret’s rotation is in my views okay, its just the large influence of RnG (procs on AoW and DP) that disappoints me a bit. A bit more constructing on this part of our rotation should make Retribution Paladin a more stable dps class, Next to this i would like to vow for inquisition to be taken off the GcD scale, therefore NOT costing us a damage attack every 30+ seconds in our rotation, not lowering our overall output by the missed attack.

Feedback? brainstorming? Add if you like.



  1. falcie says:

    i agree inquisition GcD mess’s up alot of dps. i like your idea about the judgement procs blizz should listen to ya 😛

  2. Linkozz says:

    Good written,they should really change Ret soon because we are so very much behind Warriors/Rogues/DK in terms of DPS and usefulness in raids.
    We don’t bring any unique buffs and our DPS is behind most other classes so we are not needed in raids and mostly just sit out on progress raids.
    How the heck are we supposed to have fun in the game now that our class is just broken and not needed.
    If blizz don’t fix it soon,I’m sure allot of Ret will re-roll another class.

  3. Geddyn says:

    “If blizz don’t fix it soon,I’m sure allot of Ret will re-roll another class.”

    Already happened here. My Blood/Frost DK has been my main for 3-4 months now. This is the first time since the launch of the original game that I haven’t mained my Paladin, but I haven’t done a dungeon or raid on my Paladin since I hit the level cap on my DK and I don’t regret the switch one bit.

  4. Acello says:

    Speaking of which, I re-specced my DK to Frost & altered his Glyphs/Talents etc according to a DPS build on the web, and I’m pretty sure I’m sticking to using him as my main from now on since it’s far easier/more manageable in dungeons etc than my ret pally.

  5. Thylight says:

    Hi, nice post. What I’ld suggest is REMOVE INQUISITION, and make that evey ret DPS skill (Judgement, Exor.., HW) would give us 1 Holy power, so after rotation – Judg, CS, HW, we could use TV. Ofc it should be balanced, becouse, inq means lower dps, but faster TV using, mean bigger 🙂

  6. Shogan says:

    After monitoring thousands of Firelands kills, we’ve concluded that Retribution’s damage was not where we wanted it to be, so we’re going to increase Censure damage by roughly 40%. We’ll also be keeping an eye on paladin damage as we move towards patch 4.3. We expect that this hotfix should be applied sometime later today.

    We’re also considering shifting some of the damage from Hammer of Wrath into other attacks. While that may not necessarily cure some of the current concerns about proc reliance, it should help smooth out damage a bit.

  7. Mymaceyourface says:

    I agree on what you say. A boost to jugdement would be sutch an improvement. As it is per instance, I can procc 5x times in a row outside of battle, while its the deadtime during battle thats hurting my dps. I really dont like this randomness. :<

  8. Peadar says:

    I agree that the Ret Pally is broken. I have all but parked my pally for the time being as the dps is unreliable and low since this HP was introduced. HP should be removed as well as inquisition. Blizzard has totally ruined my favorite character that I had played for nearly two years.

  9. zachry of hellscream says:

    I have a main spot on my guild’s progression team now, but can do little to improve dps short of more heroic dps loot. While pre potting and potting every fight in 4 set bonus and 381 ilevel gear, I have to put everything I have into the fights to finish in the top on most fights, even against undergeared mages, shadowpriests and DKs. I finish the night overall in the top 5 of the guild, even with my dps being lowered by Ryolith and tanks getting the Alyrazor boost, but I would like to break the average 30K mark more steadily on the head up fights. It seems that ALL melee are suffering a bit from FL, but what can I do to at least finish every dummy fight of 2 min with. 30K?

  10. No longer ret says:

    This website used to inspire me to do my best as Ret. Without Khor, this website is a wasteland. No posts since August 31st? Really? All of the hard work that was put into it seems to have been wasted. Gross. At least keep us updated. Communicate. Don’t take on a project you will not put your heart (or at least knowledge) into.

    Try harder. Care for your audience. If you are working on something, post about it. If you are waiting for something, post about it. Be transparent. Be HERE. Be, or give it up to someone who will give it the attention and love it deserves.


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