Retribution Paladin PvP Gems

As a Retribution Paladin in the PvP arena, gems are a crucial part of your arsenal.  I have seen Ret Paladins gemming everything from strength, to pure crit, strength and haste, to even intellect and spellpower for PvP.  It’s a melting pot of gem preferences out there.  So what gems are best for Ret Paladins in PvP? […]

Retribution Paladin PvP – Coming Soon!

I have decided to try my luck at Ret Paladin PvP, and began my journey last week, beginning with AV weekend.  This allowed me to pump up some of my PvP gear, most of which had been acquired through VoA.  I finished my main set with Triumph Emblems, and honor bought several other pieces.  I’m […]

Ret Paladin – Solo Magister’s Terrace

Retribution Paladins soloing Magister’s Terrace.  Why?  Gold?  You bet!  Gear? Probably not.  Fun items?  Absolutely. Achievements?  Only if you haven’t gotten them yet.  Reputation?  For me, oh yeah.  Magister’s Terrace is one of the harder Burning Crusade dungeons to solo as a Ret Paladin.  Wait, did I say hard…hah! The normal mode is very easy. […]

Best Level 19 PvP Class

What’s the best level 19 PvP class in World of Warcraft?  Based on much PvP twinkage, I think I have a pretty solid list compiled.  First, we are going to separate the lists into 2 different categories: DPS and Healing. My most recent project was to level another Paladin up to level 39 through battlegrounds.  […]

Paladin PvP Twink – Level 19 Gear and Guide

Making a Paladin PvP twink is my new project. This guide will focus on gear, talents, enchants, and anything else essential for making an elite level 19 Paladin twink.  Warsong Gulch is the only available battleground for level 19 twinks, so learning the layout of the battleground is also very important. My newest Paladin is […]