Baradin’s Wardens and Hellscream’s Reach Reputations

Blade of the Fearless.  The number one reason to raise your Baradin’s Wardens and Heallscream’s Reach reputation as a Retribution Paladin.  This weapon is probably the easiest to get of the top 5 weapons for Retribution Paladins in the early phases of Cataclysm, and I will lay out the path to get there as quickly as possible.  But first, let’s take a look at this weapon:

First, each of these factions are related to Tol Barad, which is the PvP island very similar to Wintergrasp.  The difference is that the dailies are not tied to PvP objectives, but rather PvE.

You have two options for dailies in Tol Barad.  One is in Tol Barad, where you can complete daily quests if you control Tol Barad itself, and one is Tol Barad Peninsula, where you can complete daily quests regardless of who owns Tol Barad.  The two are separate zones connected by a single bridge.  You cannot fly in either area, so you must travel between the two on foot or via ground mount.

Tol Barad Peninsula

The area where you can complete daily quests no matter who is in control of Tol Barad.  There are a maximum of 6 daily quests available each day.  These 6 quests seem to be randomly selected from a pool of 22 possible daily quests.  Each rewards 250 reputation, with one quest (Shark Tank) yielding 350.  This area is not a PvP area, and both Horde and Alliance have the same quests available to them, just from their repsective factions.

Tol Barad

Tol Barad is the actual “battleground” itself.  It does not automatically force you into PvP mode, and can be done normally in PvE.  Once control of Tol Barad is secured, two NPCs will spawn directly in the middle of the complex.  Each NPC has 3 quests available for completion.  To complicate this, one of the NPCs is one of a possible 3 who can spawn…each having a total of 3 different quests.  That means that it is entirely possible that each time Tol Barad is won, each one of these NPCs can spawn multiple times per day.  That means the one NPC who is always there will give you 3 quests, and the rotating NPC will give 3 quests.  If all 3 rotating NPCs spawn throughout the day, that’s a possibility of 12 daily quests total.

Confused?  Tol Barad is won, 2 NPCs spawn with 3 quests each.  You complete all 6.  Next Tol barad battle 2 hours later is won by your faction again, and you check the 2 NPCs, noticing one is the same with no available quests.  The other is a new NPC..3 new daily quests.  You complete those.  The very next Tol Barad Battle is won yet again by your faction, and a 3rd NPC is now there with 3 new daily quests.  You complete those, bringing you to 12 dailies done all together.

The 12 possible dailies for winning Tol Barad plus the 6 from Tol Barad Peninsula gives you a possible 18 daily quests in one day for your Tol Barad reputation, be that Baraden’s Wardens or Hellscream’s Reach.

Of these quests, the one stationary NPC gives 3 quests for 250 base reputation each.  The rotating NPCs have quests worth 350 reputation each.

Path to Revered and Exalted

Daily quests are worth (each):

  • Non-Human – 250 rep or 350 rep
  • 5% guild rep level bonus, non-Human – 262.5 rep or 367.5 rep
  • Human or 10% guild rep level bonus – 275 rep or 385 rep
  • Human + 5% guild rep bonus (15%) – 287.5 rep or 402.5 rep
  • Human + 10% guild rep bonus (20%) – 300 rep or 420 rep

Total Reputation Gained Per Day

  • Non-Human – 5500 reputation
  • 5% guild rep level bonus, non-Human – 5775 reputation
  • Human or 10% guild rep level bonus – 6050 reputation
  • Human + 5% guild rep bonus (15%) – 6325 reputation
  • Human + 10% guild rep bonus (20%) – 6600 reputation

Days to Revered

  • Non-Human – 4
  • 5% guild rep level bonus, non-Human – 4
  • Human or 10% guild rep level bonus – 4
  • Human + 5% guild rep bonus (15%) – 4
  • Human + 10% guild rep bonus (20%) – 4

Days to Exalted

  • Non-Human – 7
  • 5% guild rep level bonus, non-Human – 7
  • Human or 10% guild rep level bonus – 7
  • Human + 5% guild rep bonus (15%) – 7
  • Human + 10% guild rep bonus (20%) – 7

Days to Revered, if only able to do the Tol Barad Peninsula Dailies

  • Non-Human – 14
  • 5% guild rep level bonus, non-Human – 13
  • Human or 10% guild rep level bonus – 12
  • Human + 5% guild rep bonus (15%) – 12
  • Human + 10% guild rep bonus (20%) – 11


Obviously, things may not quite work out in these perfect scenarios.  Shark Tank probably won’t be available every day you are trying to gain reputation for Baradin’s Wardens or Hellscream’s Reach.  Your faction may never control Tol Barad at any time throughout a day (or perhaps several days).  You may only control Tol Barad once and get access to just 6 of the 12 additional daily quests.  The possibilities are many, so hopefully you can use some of the above information to give you a pretty good idea on how long it will take you to hit Revered for [Blade of the Fearless].


  1. Leila says:

    When i get to Revered with Hellscreams Reach i got around 87 marks without purchasing any items from the vendor, so my advice is save the points and as soon as you hit revered – you will get the sword…

  2. cfeduke says:

    I picked up the sword a couple days ago. I am actually waiting on a Tol Barad queue now – I just need one more victory to become exalted. For what reason I know not but I figure I may as well.

  3. Bigbad says:

    I would recommend not getting this, big waste of currency. If your running heroics there are plenty of options that are equal or better, lime the sword of bottomless pits off stonecore. Save you tol currency for the trinke & dragon mount

  4. lordmogg says:

    Im now at revered as of this morning. Ive only done the dailies so it has taken a while and i tend not to play every day. I think the weapon is definately worth it and considering i will continue to run the dailies through to exalted then try the actual tol barad fights i will earn enough easily to end up with any of the other benifits the faction provides.

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