Retribution Paladin PvP Guides 4.0.6

Everyone has been asking me for a long, long time to get a PvP section up.  To be honest with you, I have a saved draft on my website for Retribution Paladin PvP that has been sitting idly for a month now, waiting to be finished.  A new patch changed some of that information, and now I have to go back and write again.

Problem for me is that my limited playtime with 2 small kids leaves me very little time to hit up both PvE and PvP.  So, what I have done for you guys is research a few Ret Paladin PvP guides that can serve of some use.  You guys may have seen some of these already, but until I can get my own guide up and running, I’ll direct you to some sites that have information already live.

Retribution Paladin PvP Guides

Hopefulyl you can pull some good info from these sites.  The comments are often just as good as the original posts themselves, so make sure and read them, too! has been around longer than my site here, and I consider them to be more PvP oriented than PvE at times, but the quality of their PvP posts is quite good.  Lots of situational tactics, and definitely a good read!


  1. Geddyn says:

    I used to be a huge PVPer back in the days of vanilla WoW, because I loved the open-world aspect of PVP combat. Battlegrounds really crippled that aspect of the game and arenas essentially destroyed it, which is why I changed my focus towards raiding (and recently transferred off a PVP server).

    Blizzard really screwed the pooch here, if you ask me. Nothing they’ve added to the game compares to the excitement of massive raids to sack Tarren Mill/Southshore or the humongous battles in Azshara to secure an Azuregos kill.

    Alterac Valley is the only battleground that even slightly captures the feel of the old days and it’s turned into a zerg-fest since Wrath, so I’ve stopped playing it altogether. I think they took a step in the right direction with Wintergrasp and Tol Barad, but they still seem too focused on PVP game-types that I could easily experience for free by playing FPS games such as Unreal Tournament.

  2. Grana says:

    @Geddyn battlegrounds didnt cripple PvP I myself have been playing since vanilla also, i enjoyed it when they introduced the ranks and the battlegrounds. There was still alot to do just meant people had to learn to work together now i will agree with you that arenas did ruin alot of the pvp.

    The problem with the battlegrounds is no one looks at the actual strategy needed to win them. and the teamwork, hence why Blizz implemented the rated bgs trying to get strategy back into the pvp world and an old feel back IMO that’s been there whole goal with cataclysm is to get the old feel back for us who have been playing since vanilla granted alots changed but end game content is nice if you dont know what your doing wipefest and PvP is still doabale just takes strategy and (what i hate the most) resiliance/.

  3. Xav says:

    Strategy… Wheneve I ask what the plan is the answer is: “to win”. If I get that answer I know we have a chance if the answer is none (silence) we are doomed… Strategy…

  4. Mourdechai says:

    this is definitely a better site overall than retpaladin(which is sporadicly updated[and in pieces] from what i could tell) but they do in fact have a ton of great PVP info. I wish i didn’t blow at PVP on ret though. lol.

  5. Gigi says:

    Do you know of any raiding guides? I would like to make my off spec be for raiding but I haven’t found anything good yet.

  6. Banished says:

    @Gigi – This site is mostly dedicated to the PVE side of Ret. The majority of the articles you find here will be focused on that subject. As for specific encounters, you can basically watch any youtube videos from a melee point of view to see what you need to do. Retribution is a utility class so there is lots of helping the raid out vs just faceroll dpsing.

  7. Druidxhalen says:

    QQ pvp…lets break it down Player Versus Player..

    So by adding a spot where Players can effectively fight other Players they ruined pvp?

    Oh wait i get it you miss being able to wander and gank level 1s..thats more your speed huh..

    I excel in pvp, Battleground to me are provided so people can obtain PVP gear there not the it for pvp.

    Rated Battlegrounds i enjoy because its not a bunch of retards farming honor off your work, Arena is the it, Want to show me you got some pvp talent? Whip out that 2200 rating in 2s 3s 5s no? Marshal ? Knight? Hell Private ranked in rbg?

  8. dk04 says:

    @ Druidxhalen I see your point and agree. But the only reason as to why they should bring back world PvP is to keep players from just staying in one place.
    Ide hate to just stay and wait for a BG, ide rather get a couple mates and go gank some people x)
    Also if you have tried those big world PvPs over towns and cities it was one of the major funnest things that can be done in WoW.
    And as for ganking lowbies, it is up to you to join a PvP realm, if you want to take the risk then take it, if you dont go join a Normal realm.

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