WoW PvP Battleground Hacks

What the hell is up with the PvP battleground hacks in WoW? At first, when I would hear people complaining about hacks, I would dismiss them, thinking that they were just those types of people that will give any excuse for a rotten PvP performance. Lately though, especially over the last couple weeks, I’ve really had to raise my eyebrows.

I run PvP during the day solo, often finding myself in ridiculously awful Alliance PUGs. At nights however, myself and four other guildies will usually team up for some heavy PvP. We’ve seen some messed up crap lately, and I’ll give you our list:

  • Speed – Rogues and Ret Paladins running around as if using a constant run speed potion.
  • Glitch/lag jumps – Any class jumping around the battleground, teleporting if you will, like Nightcrawler from X-Men.
  • Self-healed while running away on a mount.  Literally cast a heal from horseback…never dismounted.
  • Demolisher launched his catapult from the Red Gate in Strand of Ancients, hitting the Yellow Gate.  Yellow Gate was destroyed before the Demolisher even was halfway there.  The catapult wasn’t the nice, lofty toss we are used to seeing, it was a fast, missile-like projection that had almost zero arc. I personally saw this because I was sitting in a turret on the yellow gate.  It was a spectacular WTF moment.

Maybe there are a number of explanations, such as bad lag, poor latency, misunderstanding of all class mechanics, etc…but I’m beginning to feel there are a larger number of players out there using these exploits than I originally thought.  Its becoming a lot more prevalent, especially this past week.

Warden, Blizzard’s guard program, doesn’t catch these hacks, from what I understand.  However, the best thing you can do if you witness someone hacking, is to report them via a GM ticket. A Blizzard GM can then take a look to see if they are performing outside the normal parameters.

I’m really curious to see how many of you out there are witnessing this.  Or, if you feel you have a legitimate answer to a problem, I’d love to hear that as well. Try not to go with the generic “well it’s player lag”, or some some unoriginal idea like that.  Sure, I know people lag, but this is just happening too often for it to be that random person in a BG lagging.  It has a pattern to it now.

I’d love some fair, equal gameplay.  I never understood why people feel the need to cheat.  A fair win is the best victory of them all.


  1. Elbozo - Azuremyst says:

    Wait till you see 5 Elemental Shamans or 4 Paladins and a Death Knight running around in exactly one spot… It’ll make your day, take my word for it. Damn Multiboxers….

  2. Xav says:

    I’ve never seen a multiboxer and I hope to never see one.

  3. TravlnCub says:

    I multi-box a pally w/ 4 shaman team and a 5 mage team. Every time I’ve tried pvp I’ve been slaughtered with them as there is just too much going on to react to at a way faster pace than pve. Sure, I’ll get the occasional one shot where I blast the hell out of someone or if they are solo. However, in any skirmish all it takes is a fear bomb or the like and I’m out of commission.

  4. Nicholas says:

    That really isnt what he asked, boxin multiple characters isnt hacking, it’s someone with too much time on there hands who like to waste time leveling 4 characters, gearing them all the same and loves to get rolled over.
    But I have always seen characters teleport like night crawler. mostly in rogues, some pallys and some warriors. But its always meele. And very rarely do I see the health bug/hack or w/e where players health it going up by like 15% jumps consistently, in-till death, with no one healing them.

    I’m going to start reporting now that I know its not just me. Thanks.

  5. Leet says:

    I’ve seen the nightcrawler exploit. I know it wasn’t lag, everything else about the gameplay was smooth. The guy was blinking around like crazy, as you say … “teleporting”. I asked some others on my server if they had seen it, but it doesn’t seem to be widespread as yet on my server. I hope it doesn’t get that way.
    All I could do was /s – “Nice Hax” before I was toast…

  6. dude says:

    I saw a hack earlier today. Have no idea what it was but a player in wsg on the opposing team grabbed our flag less than 2 seconds after the game started. They walked through the wall from behind the flag and grabbed it. Less than two seconds later the same player capped. They did it again but we managed to grab their flag and defend. While we were trying to hunt down this hacker we noticed they managed to get on top of their power hut. We tried shooting the player down to no avail. It really kind of ruined the game for us. Multiple players on our team stated that this hacker had been doing this for several games. They had been reported but the blizzard team wasn’t responding quick enough for player satisfaction which resulted in a lot of frustration and wasted time…

  7. Roberto says:

    I don’t often do pvp unless I have my brother visit. Well.. he decided to come down on Mem. Day weekend and we were gonna tear it up. Short list of some of the questionable things that I saw…

    -saw the self heal while mounted thing causing a wtf moment
    -also saw a pally bubble while mounted, no dismount
    -on the same note.. had a warrior use charge on me without dismounting… then cruise of into the sunset when he realized that he was about to get facerolled by my buddies.
    -upon trying to gank a lock soloing was feared for about 25-35 seconds straight… all appeared to be instacast…. over the course of 3 days of pvping I saw this about 4 times
    -saw a hunter go from 15% hp to about 90% with no healers around

    I’m sure I could think of more but that’s a good start. Also please note on this.. you may think I’m making this up but I’m not. I really don’t give 2 squirts of cat piss about pvp. As such, I’m not trying to make up excuses for a fail performance, just explaining stuff I observed.

  8. rettired says:

    yea the teleporting sucks, and it always some crazy rouge or ret pally… i had always thought it was the player forcing lagg by playing on crappy connection but even then i didnt know what that meant how to do it or why that would make it work

    ive seen the the demolisher glitch, only with a catapult in wg, knocking down towers from huge distances. i was on the attack so i wasnt too worried about it, still peeved as i had to drive up a fair amount just to get to max range…

    it must by a glitch with either the vehicles or there are sweet spots that “jet stream” the projectiles.

  9. Roberto says:

    Best explanation I’ve seen for the teleporting thing. Don’t know if it works or not, haven’t tried. But it’s a well known bug apparently.

  10. Olly says:

    What most most of you “teleporting” is probably someone using a lag switch. An old guildmate of mine used one and explained it to me. Basically, you use a switch( my guildmate used a regular light switch) and attach 2 wires from an ethernet cord to the push button and the other end is connected to a router. If you have done it right you can stop the connection for a few seconds (roughly 4-13) which allows you to do whatever you want for that time. No one can kill you. It is usefull for fighting large numbers of enemies or getting away from combat. It is defined as cheating but if hard to accuse someone of and if confronted you can say you have a bad connection.

    Also dude said someone had capped in wsg in record time. I have seen this also. Players can find addons that help the mod in-game. So you can travel through wall, terrain even underneath ground level. I have not personally seen the other hacks but I hope this helped<
    Be easy

  11. Jeryth says:

    Another annoying glitch to be aware of. In Arathi Basin, there is a way to bypass the bubble that is suppose to keep people from capping location prior to start. I’m not sure how it works (something to do with mounts or priests seems to be the main theory) and only seems to work on the Alliance side. Its terribly annoying for us Horde to have to start the battle ground with the Alliance controlling all locations and camping our graveyard.

  12. Glatoriuz says:

    Multi-boxing is not legal, cuz you have to be logged inn on multiple accounts at one time and according to blizzard this is not allowed. but then again we do pay for all the accounts.. so why is it not legal? just another stupid blizzard rule if you ask me! not that i have been doing multi-boxing like that, but i got 3 accounts, and instead of using 1 hour to send gold or items or even craft gems for my self etc i can login with 2 at the time. but you should have a better computer than i have to do so cuz it starts too lag like a bitch! hehe (time too upgrade my computer i think)

  13. Sean says:

    Multiboxing is legal.

    Today in IoC I ran into the lag hack on a druid. He just phased and ran circles around me. I didn’t hit him him once…..also noticed alot of botters farming nodes. If Blizz does not get a handle on the cheating, this game will go the way of Sony and Star Wars Galaxies.

    You can help. Reports botters and lag exploits.

  14. blastness says:

    LLLOOOLLL ok i know this is an old blog or what ever but … rogues and feral droods still do the lag/hack or wut ever… heres an option… STUN,FEAR,TRAP! lol every class has one of these xD i know doesnt matter now but just goes to show that WoW has really… REALLY evolved from the noobs u c here lol… i had to say it .. also , stop complaing! the one where priests can levi over AB gate? both sides were able to do that lol.. i did on my undead priest all the time! not to say it was a good one to do but these hacks come and go! ITS FUN TO EXPLOIT THEM!

    Blastpiss (Prot pally FOR LIFE!) [arthas/horde] [PvP] USA Servers
    (come chill)

  15. Thomas says:

    I just finished Warsong gulch and the Allies in there were rediculously strong. I have been playing WoW for 2 years now, and I am well geared (all pvp purple gear) and not a novice. ALthough i wouldnt say i am a great pvpier, i dont suck and these guys were WAY WAY too easy at owning us. I never suspected hacks (thought WOW would be resourcefull enough to anti-hack) but now I have my doubts. I saw some of the things the article describes, like constant disappearing, way too efficient heals, etc etc. It made the whole experience not fun at all.

  16. sneakymcstab says:

    My faorite is when a rogue can jump from one base to other in 3 secs in wsg. Then glitch himself into wall so no one can see him. Ive been playing 7 years and its really disappointing real players cant enjoy pvp without someone needing to cheat. Oh and can someone explain to me how a warrior can now go from 0 to full health with no healers around…. Gptta love pvp.

  17. Chronodor says:

    What I love is PvP leveling groups that take toons from all the different servers and load them up in a pvp game and hack like mofo’s I am full Season 10 Ruthless and have been getting spanked like a baby. Arena as well has its fair share of hackers. you can tell when you are agaist a real player or not. It has gotten so out of hand with Bot Farmers and PvP Botters I am really thinking millions of people will stop playing the game, Hacks are always the end of a good game. and Wow is coming to a Sad end.

  18. fedupwithhaxors says:

    Pensacola @ Eredar ..beware of this haxor.

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