Justice Points Transfer to Cataclysm

This isn’t breaking news or anything, but for those that do not know, honor points and justice points WILL transfer over to Cataclysm, so start saving those points now!  When we reach level 85, we will be able to use the points we saved from WotLK.

The cap for Honor and Justice points is 4000, and you cannot go any higher than that.  Some players may have more than 4000 points, and that easily could have happened when the currency change went live.  I myself had over 5000 honor points due to a stockpile of BG tokens.

Do honor points and Badges roll over into CATA, or do they reset to zero?
Yes, honor points and justice points carry over into cataclysm. Stock up now!

Players that have over 4000 cannot earn any more points until they spend enough to go below that total.

This information was confirmed by Blizzard in the Best Buy developer chat, and you can view the full chat notes at MMO Champion.


  1. Gwar says:

    Will there be a new currency?

  2. Slaine says:

    If we have reached 4000 and maxed jp gear, do you think it is worth spending jp on stockpiling anything from the vendors and then hitting the cap again just before cata?

  3. lordmogg says:

    Ive been purposefully saving up these recently. Its surprising how fast you can build them up. Ive gone from 0 ( after my purchase of the malevent girdle sp ) to 1700 in a week. Ill keep going until I reach the cap.

    I was trying to anticipate how expensive the tiered stuff will be in Cata. I think if you look at a chest now being 1200 or something, then we can easily expect it to be 2000 + for the next stage.

    And Khor you said to save them up until level 85. Is that purely because you cannot spend them until that level or because its not worth spending them before that level or because that’s what level our next tiered stuff is available at?

  4. Eadarendur says:

    Maybe its just an Tooltip error in the German client, but I want to report it to You:
    Crusader Strike deals 195% Weapen Damage since Patchday 4.0.3. Before it was 157%. So…what happend with the Beta-Build Nerf to 115%? Can you confirm the damage increase?

  5. Eadarendur says:

    195% in Retri Spec
    247% in Protadin Spec….for Pvp i will stay tank^^

  6. lordmogg says:

    according to the patch notes crusader was taken form 115 to 150 again. ????

    in fact. everything got a bit of a boost:


  7. Trevize says:

    To lordmogg:

    You can’t buy level 85 gear if you’re not level 85… so you can’t buy a level 85 helm with the points you have now and then start to saving justice points again…

  8. Fulgora says:

    My concern is if the cap of 4000 JP is not lifted come Cataclysm’s release. I assume we will receive JP for running random dungeons from levels 80 – 84, like we do now in WotLK from 69 – 79. Sure, it is only… what? 16 JP per random? Still, levelling a rogue right now and they add up fast when chainning randoms with friends. If the 4K cap is not lifted come Dec. 7th, I wonder if it would be more advantageous to cap ourselves at 3.5K.

  9. Lyreth says:

    Not sure of the validity of this but it’s rumored that boss kills in Cataclysm will award 75 JP instead of the current 26 or so. So they will be easily attained… It’s gonna be like emblems of heroism..


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