Patch 3.3 Going Live Next Week

Patch 3.3 is going live next week, Dec. 8 for U.S. and Dec. 9 for Europe.  Or at least that is the speculation.  I’ll have a couple related posts up soon.  Been at work pretty heavily, so the site has been neglected the past couple days.

Nothing is concrete until patch day, but best to start making preparations just in case.

Look for Crusader Orbs to plummet in price, as well as their respective crafting patterns.   No need to buy them now, because in a week or two you can probably save yourself several thousand gold…or get upgrades from the new instances and raids.

Also, start researching your talent tree updates, spell and ability changes, and glyph changes if you haven’t done so already.  Not too much for us Ret Paladins, but still minor adjustments may need to be made.

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