Patch 3.3.2 Not Today

According to MMO Champion [Source], patch 3.3.2 will NOT be released today.  That means no new Arena Season 8, no Lich King encounter in Icecrown Citadel, and no new Vault of Archavon boss, Toravon the Icewatcher, who will drop T10 and T10.5  legs/hands.

If this changes for some reason, I will be sure to amend this post.

Patience is a Virtue.  Blizzard loves polished content, so I’m sure they have a good reason to push the patch back.

Boubouille from MMO Champion has a translated version of the Patch3.3.2 notes posted on his site, so make sure to head over and check them out.  I’ll wait to post them here until we get the English version, but those on his site should be fairly accurate.

Gotta love those Heroic changes!

(Don’t forget, we Retribution Paladins now get our own Ashen Verdict Strength DPS ring!)


  1. antibody says:

    argghh, been far behind in reading the notes and didnt see that we as ret’s get our ring, seems great though. I’m just excited to see how it will fair compared to the other rings we’ll stumble upon through icecrown. And i wonder if the proc will still be the same with attack power at exalted, or convert to strength. That will definitely be interesting.

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