Gnomeregan Assault Pre-Cataclysm!

In Patch 3.3.3, it looks as if the assault for Gnomeregan will begin!  More than any other race, I am partial to Gnomes.  If Gnomes could be Paladins, you can bet every dollar I’d be one.  I’m stoked about this!

MMO Champion has a slew of new 3.3.3 information, and I will gladly plug it here so you guys can see what’s in store for new content before Cataclysm!

MMO-Champion Patch 3.3.3 Information <– Clicky!


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    =( anything games related is filtered in work.

    Is the new expansion coming soon? I remember back last year the date of march or maybe may was suggested. Any ideas?

  2. Khor says:

    Hey Sion, not sure on the release date. With more content on the way pre-Cataclysm, and with the polish we know Blizzard loves, it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re looking at late summer, even possibly end of the year. WotLK was released late 2008. Could be the same this year. We have some time.

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