Ghostcrawler on Easy Ret

Looks like we finally got a smidge of a hint of what Blizzard thinks of Retribution Paladins at the moment.  It would appear Blizz thinks our lol faceroll FCFS system and combat mechanics leave very little room for failure.  It would appear they intend to remedy that at some point in the future, by adding some complexity to our combat system.

I understand where the idea comes from, I just hope whatever they plan to do doesn’t completely flip our current system upside down.  What we have works very well, and we remain competitive in all aspects of DPS.  My guess would be some alteration to Seal functionality, or perhaps an adjustment on cooldowns to stray away from FCFS.  Guess we will have to wait and see!

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Yeah, while Ret and Enhancement generally work out okay as cooldown-limited specs, we think we need to juice up the gameplay of both just a little bit so there are more opportunities to screw up, so that when you don’t, you feel really awesome. Removing the chance of failure doesn’t really make for compelling gameplay.


  1. incrusiable says:

    well people can say whatever they want about ghost. I’ve always admired him and liked his opinions and decisions, whether they hurt the class or helped it. I hope he comes up with something interesting for us to use such as another damaging attack that could change up the rotation a bit. At the moment we are basically like an arcane mage only using 2 buttons (us 5) except we have no cds to look after no mana problems to look after we dont have the flaw of movement completely destroying our dps. truthfully my druid is much worsely geared then my pally but he is so faceroll id rather put him on the shelf and go play with the boomkin because it can get interesting. same thing happened with my ele shaman friend who rerolled a boomkin/resto, and my enhance shaman friend.

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