Additional PvE and PvP Content Before Cataclysm

It looks as if we will have a bit more PvE and PvP content and changes before Cataclysm is released.  What exactly Blizz will give us is going to be revealed in the coming weeks, or so the blue post says.  This has me highly interested, so I will be sure to post details as they come.  This isn’t exactly new news, but I figured I’d post it for those of you that might have missed it on other WoW news sites.

Here is the blue post, and the original thread can be found [HERE].

You personally still seem to have a lot of raid content to experience in Icecrown Citadel. In that regard, one thing we’ll be doing in the coming months is slowly making the content in Icecrown Citadel a little more accessible to the majority of the player base; meanwhile the more advanced raiding guilds will be working their way through Heroic difficulties of the various final bosses, including the Lich King.

There’s a lot of content in Icecrown Citadel for those who like raids. There are plenty of bosses, a good deal of trash, quite the need for progression, and even random weekly quests which have varying degrees of difficulty. This is aside from the new boss in Vault of Archavon, the weekly raid quests in Dalaran, and the very popular cross-realm Dungeon Finder. We feel these features will bring enjoyment to those who like the PvE side of things for quite some time, allowing the average level 80 player to collect some great gear over time and hopefully have a shot at the Lich King before Cataclysm happens.

With that being said, we do have some additional PvE and PvP content and changes we plan to implement prior to the release of the big Cataclysm patch and subsequent retail release of that third expansion. We’ll be discussing these new features in more detail in the coming weeks.


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    It mentions they want to make it more accessible, the only thing i can imagine them doing is turning some raids into 5 man versions?

  2. antibody says:


    Or they may nerf the hell out of the Trash, bosses, and boss abilities making it easier to PUG and get groups for. Blizzard’s trying to make the game’s content more accessible to casual players, but still keeping it real for the hardcore players and raiders.

  3. incrusiable says:

    naw about the raids they have already stated your going to get a raid wide buff just like there is a raidwide debuff they have been talking about it for a while now

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