Oh the Lag, Why doth thee plague me?

You know what? I hate Dalaran. Yep, I am struggling more than ever in the compact city, thanks to the massive amounts of loading and lag that takes place while I am simply trying to run from here to there. Warcraft is fun, and I love playing the game, but Dalaran, and even Icecrown now, […]

Ret Pally – Gems

Retribution Paladin Gems are current as of Cataclysm, Patch 4.0, Patch 4.0.6 and Patch 4.1.  The Retribution Paladin gem priorities are pretty much the same in Cataclysm.  With the new stat changes, Ret Paladins will be wanting to gem pure strength.  Ignore the socket bonuses, strength will provide the greatest DPS gain, even surpassing hit […]

Retribution Pages Updated for WoW patch 3.2

Here is the list of updated pages. Some remained the same, while others contained a few tweaks. • FCFS Rotation• Ret Raid Prep• Ret Pally Best in Slot (BiS) Gear• Paladin Stats List• Ret Pally BiS Enchants• Ret Pally Glyphs• Ret Pally Talents

My First Impressions of WoW Patch 3.2

Content as a whole, including new items, and gear, as well as new areas and quests was a welcome addition. The Coliseum was fun as well. But my DPS on as a ret pally was absolutely putrid. I was about ready to throw my keyboard through the window. I have a lot of changes coming […]

World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Today

Update @ 4:37 Central Time – Servers are coming up now. Let’s hope they stay up! Good luck to everyone tonight!Update @ 1:00 Central Time – Looks like I have the gift of foresight, 4 hour extended maintenance to 3:00 PST. That’s 5:00pm here. Don’t rush home from work just yet everybody, we’ll see if […]

WoW – Ret Paladin – Mining Badlands

Retribution PaladinMaking Gold – Mining Badlands So, I decided to take a step back into vanilla World of Warcraft to test out some of my very old gold making methods. This one turned out to be pretty decent. It involves mining Mithril and Iron Ore in Badlands. When I make test runs such as this, […]

Mount Changes for Upper Deck TCG

Posted By Bornakk [Source] In the upcoming content patch 3.2, Call of the Crusade, we are changing the Upper Deck Trading Card Game mounts to be Bind-on-Use instead of Bind-on-Pickup. This will allow players to sell newly redeemed TCG mounts in-game through the trade window, Auction House or via CoD. The primary goal behind this […]

Retribution Paladin Economy

Here I list the professions and gold making guides that may be of use to you. I also am adding more of these on a continual basis for any ret paladin that is looking to make a little extra gold. • Khor’s Gold Making – What I do on my Ret Pally • Making Gold […]

Retribution Paladin Guides and Leveling Guides

Retribution Paladin guides and leveling guides. Keep checking back as I am always adding new guides! • Retribution Paladin PvE Guide • Smart Paladin Leveling • Paladin Heirloom Items • Paladin Epic Mount • Intro Paladin Leveling Guide • Pally Entry Lvl 80 BoE Gear List • Leveling Retribution vs Protection • Reasons to Paladin […]

Retribution Paladin Solo Content

What can a ret pally solo? Well, I’ve tried to list as much solo-able content as I can here. Browse through and see what extra gold and loot you can earn here! • Bloodlord Mandokir – ZG • High Priest Thekal – ZG • Hakkar – ZG • ZG All the Rest – ZG • […]