Solo ZG, All the Rest – Ret Pally

Every single boss I list here is completely solo-able without any major hardships. There is no reason you can’t just DPS and burn down each one of these: High Priest Venoxis (snake boss) High Priestess Mar’li (spider boss) High Priestess Arlokk (panther boss) Jin’Do the Hexxer Venoxis and Jin’Do both have a set of adds […]

Exorcism Changes – My Take

Posted this in the WoW suggestions forum: I am sure I’ll get flamed, but here’s the actual post: The logic behind giving Exorcism a cast time is there, or at least on the surface. I agree it needs to be included in PvP, with some sort of ‘penalty’, or else the up front burst damage […]

Reasons to Paladin #2

AoE Leveling / GrindingIf your looking for a good class to AoE level with, the Paladin is my hands down choice. I realize Mages are good, and Warlocks are great at higher levels, but what the Paladin brings with high AoE effectiveness is survivabilty as well as very little down time. From the get-go, a […]

Reasons to Paladin #1

Crusader AuraIncreases mounted speed by 20%. I don’t know about you, but an increase to mounted speed by 20%, which is what I am traveling by 75% in-game, is huge. I’m not sure people realize how much of a time-saver this really is. At level 63, we can purchase this, and with larger areas to […]

Making Gold – Disenchanting

I will probably add more posts because there is so much gold to be had disenchanting, but here is a quick little way I have found to make an extra hundred gold or two. I have been playing with this exact method for about a week, and I’m not really sure why I haven’t done […]

Making Gold – Tailoring / Bags

There are several small ways to make gold with Tailoring, and two very large ones: Bags and Threads. I am going to focus on bags here, because that’s what I focus on. I make two types of bags, and it amazes me how many people are buying these things! 1) Netherweave Bags2) Imbued Netherweave Bags […]

RCC Raiding – 6/25/09

Council, Kologarn, Auriaya, and Hodir all went down. Lack of time prevented us from moving on further, though we did throw a couple unsuccessful 23-man attempts at Thorim. This time around, yours truly got one piece of gear…a healing helm. That puts my 25-man totals to 2 pieces of ret gear, and 5 pieces of […]

Making Gold – Jewelcrafting

I know lots of Paladins that have taken jewelcrafting as their profession, as the gem bonuses offer a nice little DPS boost. I, as a blacksmith and miner, am not privileged to these nice little perks, but my mage is. I took up JC with her to be able to cut my own gems, and […]

Leveling Retribution vs Protection

Here is one thing I have figured out about World of Warcraft…I love leveling. Call me crazy, but something about the 1-80 grind is fun for me. Here is my chronological order of leveling toons and their outcomes: Khorio – Level 63 Human Paladin (deleted) Merican – Level 61 Human Warlock (deleted) Greenleaf – Level […]

RCC Raiding 6/24/09

Last night I was really psyched up about our raid. I was for sure we were going to push through everything fast! We burned through FL and left one tower up…2 badges hard mode. The Razorscale was up next…and my baby (supposed to be sleeping) woke up screaming. My night of raiding turned into a […]