About RetributionPaladins.com

RetributionPaladins.com is my attempt to bring quality, simplified information concerning Ret Paladins to the WoW community.  With all the WoW-related websites out there, I found it nearly impossible to find a good, complete quality resource for everything related to Ret Paladins.

I may have found myself on the WoW forums, reading three posts in a row on the same topic, all of which were saying different things.  How do I know which information is legit?  Maybe Elitist Jerks…I hear they have incredible information!  Oh my, the numbers..the theorycrafting…132 pages of threads and posts to sort through!

My job on this site is to sort through all those online sources to provide you with the best Ret information out there.  I may not always be perfect in accomplishing this task, but I strive to bring the most current, up-to-date guides as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, what you find here is solid information to help you build a foundation for creating an elite Retribution Paladin.  The information here is aimed at the casual to casual/hardcore player, in hopes of hammering out all those little details that make Ret gameplay the best experience in WoW!

My focus is always PvE, and I tend to drift heavily to the Alliance side, but I am looking to broaden my horizons with Cataclysm.



I hope your experience here on RetributionPaladins.com is great, and I invite you to come back as often as possible to see what else is new and exciting in the Ret Paladin world!  I strive to put  up a new post or article at least once every 2 days, often more frequently than that, especially when WoW news is rampant and wild with expansions and patches.

Thank you for stopping by!