Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your Retribution information from?

Most of my information comes from Elitist Jerks, MMO Champion, or my own experiences and testing.  For theorycrafting and ground-breaking information, I scour Elitist Jerks, sorting through theroycrafting and actual fact.  I may double-check this information with a few reputable threads on the WoW forums, and then I take that information in-game to test.

News almost always comes from MMO Champion.  Boubouille seems to always beat me to the punch when news is released, and I think I can actually pick out only two specific instances where I got information out first.  Unfortunately, many readers here have told me MMO is blocked at their work, so often I will post excerpts related to Ret Paladins here on my site.  Credit and source links are always given for this information.  When Blizzard-originated posts are linked, I usually put out the information word for word, much as MMO and other sites do.

The guides on this site are almost 100% my own work and experience, which I then relay to you.  I test information out, run heroics and raids, level multiple Paladins, and have even PvP’ed a time or two to get my readers a well-balanced site with loads of information.  I am coming up on 400 pages of information, not counting all the threads on the forums.

How do you monitor your anti-flaming, swearing, and insulting policy?

First, I will edit the comment if I need to by simply changing a word or two if the overall comment is a constructive one.  If it is a witless flame, insulting, or profanity-laden comment, I will delete it.   Multiple violations will result in an IP ban, which I evaluate on a case by case basis.  So far, I haven’t had to ban too many IPs, but I did climb into double digits mid-summer 🙁

Do you have a PayPal donation link?

Yes!  You can find it under the recent posts area of my sidebar.  Thank you for your support!

Do you have any other Paladin website recommendations?

Absolutely!  While I would love for you to stay on my site as your one and only Retribution Paladin resource, I realize my information and views are but one of many.  I think to grow and mature as a player, you need to have access to many sources of information, and formulate your own playstyle from there.  Just remember to make your way back here, for I am striving to be your #1 Retribution Paladin online resource!

General WoW and Paladin information

Paladin Theorycrafting and Advanced Paladin Information

Off-spec sites

Other Ret Sites

  •– This is really the only other Ret site I can offer you guys that I believe gives out solid information.  There are some good Ret blogs out there, but seems to have a great, unique perspective, especially directed towards PvP.  Caution on the forums though, there are trolls about…

How can I contact Khor?

If I find an error in your information, how do I tell you?

You can leave a comment under the post, or email me at the above address.  I have absolutely zero problems if you find information that contradicts mine.  I will very quickly research your information and compare it with mine, then adjust as needed.  If I find my information is still optimal, I will explain why in the comments section as well!