Khor’s Paladin & WoW Blog List

I have been asked on many, many occasions what other Paladin/WoW blogs I read.  I have had every intention of doing this post earlier, just always found reasons to push it back.  Some of these you probably have heard of, others you may not.  I am also including the WoW websites I check for news as well.


1) – Good solid Retribution Paladin site, also focuses on PvP.

2) Paladin Schmaladin – If you play a Paladin and haven’t heard of Ferraro, you haven’t been around long enough.  Despite last year’s drama surrounding who Ferraro was/is, Paladin Schmaladin still puts forth some very quality articles on everything Paladin.

3) Blessing of Kings – Another quality Paladin site with some very good insight on WoW related news.

4) Big Bear Butt – Shifting over to a Druid blogger here, Big Bear Butt is one of my favorite reads.  His writing style is very entertaining, so definitely head on over and take a look at his very unique perspective on everything WoW!


Every day I check WoW websites for news and information.  Every now and then I will hit the WoW forums, but these sites generally give me what I need to know.

1)  MMO-Champion – The best WoW news site in my opinion.

2)  World of Raids – Coming a close second, WoR also is top tier on WoW news.

3)  Tankspot – Great for raiding on boss strats.

4)  WoWhead – Best WoW database, including some great guides.  Information is gathered very well, and put up in an exceptional, easy-to-read format.

5)  Elitist Jerks Paladin Forums – Great for theorycrafting and number crunching.


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