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I am Edenwyl, from the french server Dalaran EU, and I would like to share some information about the upcoming 4.2 patch, regarding the Retribution Paladin (it’s a short version of what you can find in the patchnotes).

SoR : Seal of Righteousness
SoT : Seal of Truth

Reading the patchnotes, we see Blizzard will raise the AoE damage a retribution paladin can do! Lot’s of changes to make him more efficient in situations with multiple mobs.

Before the 4.2 patch, only single target melee abilities could activate SoR. However, with the new patch, ANY melee ability, like our lovely Divine Storm, can activate this Seal and as a bonus, procs from SoR can now be critical effects.

“But does it still hit only two additional targets with the talent “Seal of Command” ? Or…”

Yes… That’s why Blizzard decided to change this talent, making SoR hit an unlimited number of melee targets!!

And finally, the Glyph of SoT also works with SoR: When this Seal is activated, we get a +10 expertise bonus.

Yep, Rets at 4.2 will be more efficient with more AoE damage!

“That’s all ? “

Mmmmh, not really, Blizzard also increased Inquisition duration through Inquiry of Faith, from 50/100/150% to 66/133/200%, maybe to deal with the loss of our T11 4p bonus when upgrading our gear in the Firelands.

I also noticed that they changed “Selfless Healer”: Our enemies can no longer dispel or spellsteal it. And it reduces the cooldown of Word of Glory by 5/10secondes. From my Point of View, I still won’t take this talent in my PvE spec.

So in conclusion :

With Glyph of SoT : +10 expertise when SoR or SoT is activated.
With Talent “Seal of Command”: SoR hits an unlimited number of targets in melee range.
Divine Storm can activate SoR and damage from SoR can be critical effects.

Have a nice day!


  1. Sopranoss says:

    That pretty sums it up. Thanks, I read pretty often these patch notes at mmo-champion, but for anyone who doesnt – it will help to understand what changes in future patch.

  2. matab says:

    You should never even consider taking selfless healer in PVE. When blizzard made it 30s on PTR, they undid after a day or two for a reason. It is a pure PVP talent.
    Anyway, I like the changes, at last SoR isn’t fully useless, and our AoE will go up, even though it wasn’t so terribly bad since the DS change. I would be happy to see some AoE finisher, but let’s just be happy with what we got.

  3. Edenwyl says:

    Thanks ^^

    I don’t pretend to teach how to play or how the retpaladin gameplay is to the Hardcore gamerz because I think they know where to find greater calculations/theories/informations.

    But, I really love the RetPaladin and I always try to convert my friend to this amazing class 🙂
    And if I can help 1 or 2 person, it could be nice ^^

  4. Pãf says:

    Thanks for the update!

    It seems that AoE damages will become reliable, which wasn’t the case in 4.1 patch.

    How those changes will affect SingleTarget DPS ?


  5. Edenwyl says:

    As Divine Storm and Crusader Strike share the same GCD, I don’t think it will affect SingleTarget DPS and we probably still use SoT.

    An other good question could be “When should we swap to AoE Rotation (SoT => SoR)” at 3 targets ? 4 targets ? …
    Keep in Touch

  6. Taddeous says:


  7. matab says:

    You should change to an AoE rotation (both DS and SoR) at 4+ targets. Below that you should use CS and SoT.

  8. Hudewey says:

    We’ll need to switch seals for MAX DPS? SoT for single boss targets & SoR for multiple AOE benefit? I think this will help our output. Looking forward to the new patch.

  9. Edenwyl says:

    Yes you’re right. Like in WOTLK, where we had to switch seals ^^

  10. Johnnyrocket says:

    Yes, this is what I am talking about. Blizzard thank you, we understand your job of balancing Ret pallys has not been an easy one, but for the time being… it looks like you got it right, or should I say RIGHTEOUS!!!

  11. Lecs says:

    Gosh, Johnny, are you Daniel Kayser in disguise?

    Wellcome back RETPALS and Eden, thanks a bunch for the info.

    Best regards from Barcelona!

  12. Edenwyl says:

    Héhééé I like sharing and discussing about the RetPaladin !

    My regret is to arrive very late on Sinestra !!
    We killed Cho’Gall the 20th of June, and tonight will be the 4th and last night on her !!!

    But who knows 😀 Where there’s life, there’s hope !!!
    Hope to see you soon !!


  13. Nytengale says:

    well … I have been waiting for this site to pick up and so far I am disappointed. I miss Khor.

  14. Shogan says:

    @ Nytengale… You are not the only one. I no longer have Ret-pal on my bookmark toolbar because the desire or antisipation of checking back has long since disappeared. This is the 1st time I have been back since my last post over 2 weeks ago. I miss Khor and the way in which he ran, updated and theorycrafted.

    Firelands has been on PTR for some time and has just been released yet nothing. Just a small blip about seals and Selfless Healer.

    I would have liked to have seen some discussion about the T12 gear, including its lookand the 2P/4P bounses, not to mention all the other loot that has been posted over the last few weeks. Some possible BiS listings, the fact there is now more Crit than Mastery on gear and what ever else has popped up in that time.

    I commend you Eden for taking over a well established site, it is not an easy task and things were bound to be different…. I was just not expecting it to be practically nonexistent.

  15. Ferochampion says:

    Just to be sure, has the stat priority remained the same since patch 4.1xx? i.e. Str > Hit > Exp >…

  16. zachry of hellscream says:

    Yes. By the way, addon reforge is a great boon for when you have less time to stay on the edge.

  17. Wallis89 says:

    I’d just like to say im a level 59 dranei ret paladin iv been playin wow about a month now i brought a game card because i just really enjoy it i don’t really know how to fully utilize my paladins abilities just yet but reading these posts helped me choose what i consider the best class so thank you it has made wow a much better experience for me and im sure once im 85 il know a lot more so to every1 who takes the time to help noobs like me out THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 😀 wow wouldn’t be the same with out these posts and the community it is built on so again thank you very much.


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