Updated Retribution Info Coming Very Soon

Retribution Paladin information specific to Patch 4.1 will be updated once the patch goes live, or at least once I confirm it has gone live.  This will include all the major Retribution categories, which you can find listed neatly in the second menu bar above.

I hesitate to put anything up immediately, mainly because you never know when Blizzard will change one last mechanic.  However, the good news is that not much is changing, at least nothing drastic.  There are a few minor tweaks that I need to update, bu nothing game-changing.

Make sure to keep checking back, as I will have this info up and running next week!  (Assuming Patch 4.1 goes live!)


  1. Handera says:

    Do you still have forums? I couldn’t find them.

  2. Mjau says:

    @Hendera he has posted before that he’s taking the forums down. Read more here: /forums-down/

  3. Grimmaldus says:

    Hey Khor! Just wanted to say, this is a great site with tons of info on how to get started up. I’ve taken a lot into consideration and have seen a huge increase in my dps.

    My only concern/want/NEED(lol) would be if you have any idea when you’ll have updated lists of the best pre-raid gear concerning ZG/ZA thrown into the mix.



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