Paladin Real Talent – Introducing DunmerNL

Hello you guys and girls,

My name is Patrick, 22 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I’ve been in contact with Abdou about trying to be helpful to the website by telling about my experiences as a retribution and protection paladin.

I’ve been playing a Retribution Paladin since Classic, but been playing it hardcore since WotLK. For those who would like to look up my character.

My mainspec is Retribution and offspec is Protection. I’ve got Enchanting and Jewelcrafting as my professions (frikking expensive).

Since the release of Cataclysm I’ve been really busy with getting better geared like all of you. My dps gear is now full epic (all 359 average itemlevel). I would only like to get the Tier helm for the 4-set bonus. My tankspec is also getting there (357 average itemlevel). Just farming Valor Points now for the Tier chest and legs.

So far I’ve been raiding with my guild on every Thursday-Sunday-Tuesday. We got BoT down and are trying to get Halfus heroic down. We got BWD down excluding Nefarian. In TotFW we are also working on getting Al’Akir down.

Hope you guys will enjoy my upcoming help on the website here. If you have any questions, just post them below here. By the way, what topics would be useful to you personally (about your paladin off course)?

Patrick (DunmerNL)


  1. Oxidation says:

    A BiS list would be nice for 372/379 pieces. I haven’t been able to track one down yet, although it is my offspec and I don’t spend that much time researching it.

    Oxidatíon, Malfurion

  2. Mark says:

    I think its Great that somebody else is taking his time to be helpfull for this website, on the other hand its really strange that somebody that didnt even down LK Heroic or have done any Heroic In Cataclysm for that matter is going to talk about His experience as an Retribution Paladin 🙂

  3. Narillon says:

    @Mark: There are many reasons why someone may not have done any heroic bosses, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that person has nothing of value to pass on.

    @Patrick: Not being hit capped, though, is something to take note of… I’m curious as to whether there’s a reason you’re only at 7.5% hit? Is there some buff I’m not aware of somewhere that gets you over cap? Also, I’m pretty sure the +10 strength socket bonuses you’ve gone for with +hit gems don’t make up for the 10 strength loss on each. Generally it’s far better to reach hit cap through reforging alone, and only go for the +20 strength or higher socket bonuses, since strength is so very desirable a stat. (Though I suppose not everyone is so obsessed with min-maxing 😉 )

  4. Zepherous [Darkspear] says:

    I wish you GL mate but i`m afraid you have to read up more other resources before you`ll be ready to give advices to someone else.

    Your mistakes in gear:
    Haste is almost useless for us atm. You NEED to be hit&expertise capped. +10 socket bonus is not worth to put in it less than 40str gem.


    reforge haste in your helmet
    change all purple gems (excluding chest) into +40str
    change enchant on bracers into +50str
    change enchant on boots into +65 mastery
    BiS trinkets are:

    Good Luck.

  5. Zepherous [Darkspear] says:

    Another things…
    Tree -> Acts of Sacrifice are not giving ANY dps. Eye for an eye about 1-1,5% dps. So as long as dps is most important we need that talent.

    Glyph of Exorcism is way better than Glyph of Crusader strike.

  6. Giaw says:

    i think Str>Haste1050>Mastery is much better
    i think Cri is our worst stat

  7. Sopranoss says:

    Helm for 4 set bonus? Shoulders are way easier to get, these should be priority to get for 4th set bonus.

  8. Sopranoss says:

    Yeh, better tell him to get forum back online. WE RE BORED! =)

  9. Shogan says:

    Glad to see there is some life back in this blog again.

    If people out there are struggling to reforge their gear I would suggest you take a look at Mr Robot Gear Optimizer.

    A few Features:
    * BiS gear for Pre ZG/ZA, Pre Raid, T11 Raids and T11 Heroic.
    * Optimises gear based on EJ stat weighting, with option to include/exclude things like Expensive enchants, Too lazy to rep grind and more.
    * Optimisation will tell you what to reforge, what gems to slot and gear enchants.
    * Lists gear upgrades for item slots based on your current gear.

    I ran yours through it Dunmer (you might have to Optimise it again):

  10. Varrex says:

    STR should always be our primary stat and yes any good ret pally will want to use STR gems only use other gems if you dont loose any str in a socket bonus and there are only a couple that allow that…. In BIS gear for 372 i lvl you will be way over the exp cap of 26 you can check my toon out and see how much I have reforged out and still have a excess you could change the trinkets but that would be a dps loss… BIS gear really depends on person to person and what drops you are able to get such as what heroics you guild is able to down… Haste is now our worst stat by far its always hit/exp cap then mastery, crit and last haste. There is a balance that you could do with mastery and crit and its possible to see a slight dps increase but that would require a lot of dps testing from the end user and would differ from toon to toon…

  11. Loki says:

    lol, I noticed that one negative comment was removed. Good luck with the website, but I’ve gotten to really like the effort Khor put into this site and to see him leave kinda ruins this site for me. It’s a shame to see him go. This comment will probably be deleted as well, so I’m out!

  12. RetRat says:

    I love this website, learned a lot from it and I will support whoever manages it. Keep the great work.

  13. Darthal says:

    Finding a new raiding guild in cata is total bs

  14. incrusiable says:

    haste is crap compared to mastery now before our mastery sucked ass but now that the bonus damage is good and there is no need to spam buttons to try and proc the free 3 point holy power haste is our worst stat.


  15. Saduras says:

    Hey.. Need a good theoretic paladin for a idea i got but it is much work to try it out so i would like to ask a skilled theoretist… For contact ingame: Saduras from Destromath EU


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