Shadowsong Games – Week 4

Alright, week 4 for my Games and Quests for the US Shadowsong server. Remember, anyone can play. Horde and Alliance both. If you are not on Shadowsong, but would like to be, or would like to participate, you will have to have a toon on the server. If you’re looking to get a fresh start on a new server, here’s a great chance to get a nice kick start.

As I prepare for a bigger prize for Thanksgiving, I will continue to dish out at least 500g a week. This week, I have a task involved, so good luck for those that want to participate.

Alright, now time for this week’s rules:

For this week, I am offering another 500g! To claim this prize, you must post up a comment under this post of what you would most like to see in the upcoming WoW expansion: Catalysm.  For me, I would love to see some of the old world dungeons boss loot become BoE.  I know that ultimately would make them farm-fests for everyone…but I think it would help make leveling new toons a lot more lucrative.  And if Blizz wants to keep people in the game and keep bringing in new gamers, they’ll have to rev up leveling the further along we get.

This may seem an easy 500g task, since I am basing everything off comments, but I am building up towards bigger prizes for special events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas…including possibly 1000g, a Tiny Crimson Whelpling, Orb of Deception, and much more…I am even toying with the idea of funding an epic flying mount training cost. And believe me, the tasks will be much harder.

AS A BONUS THIS WEEK: I am paying 50g to the first person who sends me a non-combat pet via in-game mail to Khor.  It can be any old pet!  Any pets I receive after the first I will ‘return to sender’.

BONUS WINNER: Aubbrey with a White Tickbird Hatchling!  Congrats!

Winner will be selected by the random number generator in WoW based on how many comments there are.



  1. Leave your in-game name and which faction you belong to in a comment to this post.
  2. Make sure to include what you would like to see in Cataclysm.
  3. Horde characters will have to put an item up in the neutral auction house for 525g that I can purchase. 25g extra to cover AH cut.
  4. Game ends 11/03/09 @ 0200 AM US central time.

week 4 winner






  1. Dokk says:

    It’s been suggested since the beginning of the game, but I’d like to see more custom guild content in WoW. Guild halls, monuments, custom armor (besides tabards, which have their own reputation niche now).

    The Path of the Titans stuff and guild achievements is a step in the right direction, but I think it could be so much more.

  2. stevens says:

    I’ve been through enough iterations of content and game-play mechanics to know that I don’t usually have a strong opinion about them. If Blizzard wants to fill dungeons with trash and script them to be 30-minute runs, that’s fine by me. If Blizzard wants to make 90% of gear attainable to casual players, that’s fine, too. In other words, I am willing to bend and adapt with the balance that Blizzard wants to strike, when it comes to progression and play style.

    What matter to me are improvements to the UI and base functionality that make the characters easier to interact with or the world easier to navigate. Usually, it’s custom mods that provide this type of improvement: Auctioneer comes to mind; quest-tracking mods, as well.

    Based on my preferences, the new feature I’d like to see most in Cataclysm is a guild membership control / looking-for-guild / guild rewards tracking system, with an all-in-one UI. The feature would let you do the following:

    1. Better control of guild membership levels and bank access. The current controls are garbage, and you cannot perform basic tasks.
    2. Find players who are looking for a new guild. This would work very much like the LFG channel/UI. It would let you browse the character’s talent build and gear, just as if you were inspecting them.
    3. Track a player’s guild history.
    4. Guild Leader ability to place comments on characters that persist between guilds (like a brief letter of recommendation).
    5. Create custom achievements and award completion points. This one is a long shot, I know.

    I think these are good ideas and ask Khor to use the full power of his influence of the game developers to make sure they get included in the expansion.

  3. jorani says:

    Upgrade of the graphics engine. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to change the way it looks, but I am sick of people disconnecting on onyxia, or phase 1 on northrend beasts. If the engine is tidied up a bit and the addons incorporated in efficiently and cleverly, raiding would become a much more enjoyable endeavour


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