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Just started a quick side project and made a Mage blog. While it won’t be updated nearly as frequently as this site, I will try to keep the basic information up to date.

If you keep up with my posts, you know I pretty much have abandoned all alts past the point when they reach max level (80). I was seriously contemplating not even touching my level 70 Mage at all, and deleting her when Cataclysm launches.  However, I had a change of heart.

My pure frustration was the slowness of Mage leveling.  However, after purchasing heirloom gear to upgrade to 20% experience gain, buying the new Water Elemental Glyph to keep my pet up at all times, and the recent lowering of mana consumed per Frostbolt, I found myself leveling quite quickly.  Now at 78, I am nearing my objective of 80, and she may hang aroudn a smidge longer.

I also have just begun to scratch the surface of what a gold mine Jewelcrafting has become in terms of cutting epic gems.  Top that off with my gem transmutes from my Rogue Alchemist, and I have a very nice partnership.  If you add my Miner Paladin, I have a nice trinity of professions all balancing each other out.  Not sure I would be willing to break this up just yet.

While leveling, I tried to do some research on Mage guides and stats, etc.  As usual, I came across scattered, outdated information.  So I punched out a few posts on this new blog to help consolidate the most useful and up to date information. 

I must say that while Elitist Jerks has been a tome of knowledge for Ret Paladins, it is very lackluster for Mages.  The information is there, but scattered, unorganized, and generall incomplete or lacking detail.  As a half-ass Mage, I wanted the clear cut generic information rright there in front of me.  I had better luck in the WoW forums, but sometimes the lack of wowhead and other links deters me from using those pages as well.

Regardless, I have started this site, and you are more than welcome to check it out.  I appreciate any feedback from those of you that play Mages as well.

For those of you that have followed me since this site was on blogspot, the set-up should be very similar.  Hope it helps!  This is a work in progress, so I will continue to add information and guides over time.

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