Protection Paladin Tanking Shields

Tanking Shields for Protection Paladins

Current for WotLK and Patch 3.3


With Protection as my off-spec, the one piece of gear I always seem to struggle finding is my tanking shield.  I am still using a level 219 shield from Ulduar, if that tells you of my difficulties.  So while I was perusing wowhead, exploring my tanking shield options, I decided to write a quick post on the subject.

Starting at item level 200 (epic quality) and moving up, I have compiled a list of tanking shields for Protection Paladins.  They are as follows:

BoE Lvl 200

Lvl 200

Lvl 213

Lvl 219

Lvl 226

Lvl 232

Lvl 239

Lvl 245

Lvl 251

Lvl 258

Lvl 264

Lvl 277


  1. incrusiable says:

    u messed uo the ten man icc shueld the link is to the bulwark of the royal guard heroic instead of to neverending winter

    i yes i completely agree with you on this one i have been running toc 10 for forever and have never gotten a shield upgrade im still using skull of ruin even though it is the coolest looking one out of them all

  2. Khor says:

    Heh, thank inc! Didn’t notice that!

  3. Haventhorn says:

    I feel your pain Khor. I’m still using the Titansteel Shield wall and zoning out the Naxx 10 raid and progressing into Ulduar and ToTGC-10 mans and raiding from once a week to 2x’s a week.

    The The Skull of Ruin looks nice but I haven’t seen it drop.

    Thanks for the compiled list. =)

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