Holy Paladin Shields

Healing Shields for the Holy Paladin

Current for WotLK and Patch 3.3


As Ret Paladins, we are often utilized for our off-spec should the need arise.  One of those off-specs is Holy, allowing us to heal.  Normally, we are single target healers, often focusing on the main tank, or off-tank, allowing Druids, Priests, and Shaman to group heal as needed.

One of our most unique pieces as a Holy Paladin is the shield we carry.  The healing shield is only used by two classes: Paladins and Shaman.  So, there is usually little competition for these off-hand barricades.

I have compiled a list of shields with spell power, for those of us choosing to be off-spec Holy Paladins.

BoE Lvl 200

Lvl 200

Lvl 213

Lvl 219

Lvl 226

Lvl 232

Lvl 239

Lvl 245

Lvl 251

Lvl 258

Lvl 264

Lvl 277


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