Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Here are my top 5 Super Bowl commercials that aired last night.  With Patch 4.0.6 around the corner, I have been working hard on re-tuning old content pages on this site.  But, that didn’t stop me from watching the Packers take down the Steelers!

1.  Volkswagen – The Force

2. Doritos – Favorite Part

3. Doritos – House Sitting

4. CareerBuilder – Parking Lo

5. Pepsi MAX – Love Hurts


  1. Shogan says:

    Volkswagen ad was epic, swear that was me as a kid running around trying to ‘use the force’. Although back then there was no remote engine start, never mind central locking and seatbelts.

    The rest are good, though the 1st Doritos one is a little weird but I thought KFC had the market cornered on ‘finger lickin’ good’ ;)

  2. Khor says:

    Yeha, you know what, I’m surprised at how many people were icked out by the finger licking commercial. I was laughing my butt off. Ah well :)

  3. Iamajedi says:

    I’ve been following your site for a few months now, it’s extremely helpful by the way. I just felt the need to 100% agree with your top 5 and the order. They were most definitely the best. I think Pepsi might of enjoyed hitting people with their cans a little bit too much through all of their commercials.. it seemed to be a common theme lol

  4. mand says:

    i thoughy the Chevy commercial with the Bumblebee transformer coming out of nowhere was pretty hilarious too

  5. Vrayel says:

    All very entertaining clips! Probably one I personally would’ve put there was the Dante’s Inferno Superbowl Ad, but that was 2010 :(

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