Retribution Paladin Glyphs

Retribution Paladin Glyphs are current as of Patch 5.4 (Siege of Orgrimmar). The entire Glyph system has been revamped, with many new and many altered Retribution Paladin Glyphs.  Let’s go over some of the new changes: There are now 2 Minor Glyph sockets, 3 Major Glyph sockets, and Prime Glyphs has been removed. Many glyphs […]

Retribution Paladin Talents

Retribution Paladin Talents is current for Patch 5.4.0 . As we all know, Patch 5.4.0 is the beginning of the Escalation. It is the second non-raid patch of “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria” Included here are Retribution Paladin’s talents, abilities, and buffs in giving light and better understanding of what is new with regards to […]

Ret Paladin Info for Patch 3.3 Updated

With Patch 3.3 looming, and a suspected release tomorrow, I have updated some key ret pally pages on the site.  Nothing is 100% for sure until we see the patch notes, but information on the following pages should be set in stone, as the info remains unchanged from Patch 3.2 to Patch 3.3: Ret Paladin […]

Retribution Paladin Current State of DPS

Retribution Paladin DPS as of patch 3.2 is not where we had hoped it to be. Our burst damage got smacked around, and the ‘boost’ we were given via Seal of Vengeance has proven it can be viable, just not in every situation. Sitting back and analyzing what it is that we can realistically expect […]

Raiding Frustration & Ret Pally Withdrawal

Recently, my wife’s work has kept me from raiding on our guild’s set raid days. She gets home in time for me to log on about an hour after raid start, at which point is too late. The times that I have been able to raid, I have been needed as a healer, so I […]

Retribution Paladin Raids / DPS

Here are the current retribution paladin raid and dps posts. To maximize dps and raid viability, any ret pally needs to make sure he or she knows the ins and outs of raiding and their spec! I try to keep these as up to date as possible! • FCFS Rotation • Ret Raid Prep • […]

RCC Raiding 7/22/09

Actually fielding 25 people for a 25-man Ulduar last night shocked me. Of course we didn’t hit our 25 until around XT, but we managed to 22 and 23-man FL, Razorscale, and Ignis. Guess who got some ret pally loot?!?! Not me. Again. Ignis dropped Worldcarver. I was ecstatic. Surely my dice would not let […]