My First Impressions of WoW Patch 3.2

Content as a whole, including new items, and gear, as well as new areas and quests was a welcome addition. The Coliseum was fun as well. But my DPS on as a ret pally was absolutely putrid. I was about ready to throw my keyboard through the window. I have a lot of changes coming [...]

3.2 PTR Patch Notes Updated 7/29/09

3.2 PTR Paladin Patch Notes Looks like the SoVeangeance nerf has been cemented. I’m expecting furtehr tweaking after the patch goes live (presumably next week).

WoW Background Downloader Patch 3.2

Another big chunk hit the background downloader tonight. The total I downloaded was 379 MB. Looks like we have a nice sized patch headed our way. Make sure and download it this weekend, because even though I doubt it’ll hit this week, you never know… If, for any reason, you have trouble locating your Downloader, [...]

Patch 3.2 Ret Changes

I’ve had several people looking for 3.2 paladin changes on this site, and I thought I would take a moment to discuss the subject. With WoW giving us a very large patch, we can expect ot see quite a few changes for our class. Both PvE and PvP will see some noticeable changes. However, since [...]