Say What? How Much for That Raid BoE?

Say what?  How many of you have been scanning the auction house for epic BoE gear dropped from raids?  I have, and have been utterly shocked at the prices asked for these specific gear pieces.  Now, I’m no rookie in the auction house, but pricing never seems to stop surprising me.

This past week, I saw the first and second [Fury of Angerforge] pop up in the Auction House.  The first was 60,000g.  The second was 50,000g.  The second sold, and the first was recently reduced to 50,000g, and again to 45,000g.

On top of that, several other raid BoEs have been popping up for around the same price.  Weapons in particular are getting sold no problem for 40,000g to 50,000g. 

Now, I don’t mind dropping 10,000g for a decent piece of gear.  15,000g is about my ceiling, and 20,000g is only if the item is spectacular.  Otherwise, I wait for prices and/or demand to drop.  And that is coming from someone sitting on around 130k gold.

I’m curious how many of you out there would be willing to drop 50,000g on a BoE trinket from raids?  I nearly choked when I saw that price, but apparently, some people are willing to spend that much for easy gear.

I don’t know.  The economy changes, yes, but I just never seem to comprehend these prices as content is released.  Whugh.


  1. Regan says:

    Now I could be completely wrong, but my concern about this is, that people buying gold from the gold spammers will and can pay almost any amount for Trinkets and other BoE Epics. And as long as they are in the game world, this type of madness will never end. People know some players didn’t have to work for their gold, and know they didn’t buy gold to keep it in their bag, they want to spend it.
    So why not throw Epics up on the AH for a crazy price and see if someone fat on gold will bite.
    And to those that did make their gold honestly, I image they also want to spend it on something at some point. But I would never pay 50k for the item listed above.

  2. Xav says:

    4k G is my limit when buying awesome items (weapons), for any other item 500 G is the most I would pay for a single item like primordial saronite back in WotLK.

  3. Judicius says:

    Its ridiculous on my server right now. Corefire Legplates are going for 20 – 25k while on a server friends just transfered from they are going for 8 – 10k. They’re not even raid drops…

  4. Geddyn says:

    I never stock up on gold, so my limit is what I currently have: about 14k.

    Gold farming is just incredibly boring… I’d rather play an alt and get something constructive done. If I really, really need something I’ll trade with my guild mates in order to get it crafted. I have never, ever bought a single BoE dropped piece of gear from the AH and I never will.

  5. neo says:

    i recently just spent 14k on the new str darkmoon fair trinket earthquake i think, noramly i wouldnt spend that much as i never have that much gold, i dont farm any gold but did sell a boe tank chest for 17k(it goes for about 25 on ah wiether ppl get that price i dont know)so i didnt lose any time/gold on it, also as it is one of the better trinket, with that and valor trinket i will be set for those slots, as for anything else i cant see the value in it, like 20k for the valour boots, is not that much of a upgrade, so many bot trash farming going on surly the prices will drop soon, just hold out for thme, or raid and get gear for free…..

  6. BrokePally says:

    Hi Khor and thanks for the continued amazing site.

    I am in complete agreement with you. I have been seeing exactly what you state and AH prices basically destroy the Wow game economy in the short run. Patience does reward with lower AH prices but I personally would rather run a raid and get the drop that I need. Sure I BOE can make me some gold but these are very very rare.

    I recently had two consecutive 359 BOE pieces drop from trash mobs in Tol Barad within two minutes of each other. In my 6 years of playing Wow, I have never seen a BOE drop in a trash mob, let alone never receiving one in a raid. Thus you can probably know how “VERY HAPPY” I was in finally being able to sell in the AH make some coin.

    My guildies stated that I could make about 40-60K total for the two pieces. I decided to go low and made 33K on the first try. It is my choice to sell my items lower than most players and I will never pay more than 10K for anything. In fact, the Maelstorm Crystals are now going for 1K apiece. I think it is ridiculous. So I will wait and pick them up later when the prices drop considerably.

    We all have choice…

  7. Shogan says:

    Over the last few days I have seen people selling the BoE Valour Boots for no less than 20k. Personally I wouldn’t pay that much for them as a suitable pair are bound to drop at some point or a guildy might sell them to me for less.

    I have seen a few other BoE pieces, Soul Blade was going for around 30-35k. So overall you are are looking at a range of 20-40k for raid BoEs and crafted epics are droppping to around 10-20k as more people are levelling their proffessions and the demand is not so high.

    I tend not to buy gear at those prices. If I don’t win a roll on gear from BH I will generally offer the person around 5k for PvP and 10k for PvE legs/Hands.

    I would certainly sell gear at the current asking prices while people are gearing and willing to pay such extreme figures because eventually the money will dry up because a lot of players will have farmed current content and the new stuff will slowly creep in.

    At the end of the day, something is only worth what you are willing to pay. If you think the price is too high then it is, others may not think so but that is their choice.

    That being said, I have spend an aweful amount of gold on mounts, I still only use two of them. We all have our WoW vices 😉

  8. Vulkus says:

    I too have seen some insane prices on my servers AH. For example, the Pauldrons of Edward the Odd are selling for 50k! The various new DMF decks are pulling down some insane prices too and even the craftable epic loot from Blacksmithing pulls down anywhere from 8k-15k depending on what it is and further more could at any given moment go up. I think that Blizz needs to get more aggressive toward the gold spammers and those that continue to buy it. I’ll admit I did it once and when Blizz temporarily banned me for it, I never did it again so I learned the hard way. It does entice players to get rich quick but at the same time, places all your hard work at jeopardy if you get caught. Eventually all these prices will go down once Cataclysm settles in and gets old. Until then, as a previous posters stated, we all have a choice as to whether or not we spend the money or not.

  9. Bruceleroi says:

    Im Inscription/herbalism on my alt so needless to say im taking advantage of the inflated market right now by selling DMC’s. Its all profit since I dont have to buy any mats except for the paper. Aside from the tank deck, im making 18-25k gold on decks alone. The actual cards on my server are going for much more than that. However, with as much gold as I have, I refuse to buy the str dps cloak (or any boe’s for that matter) for 25k on the auction house. But, as long as people are willting to buy my decks, im perfectly fine with the market.

  10. Limepally says:

    If i will still have 10k left over when im done i can make the amount back very easily. so it depends on the situation for me

  11. silver says:

    I bought the new DMC’s for the str trinket and paid about 18k. I was willing to pay it because cata had only been out for 2 week when I completed the deck. I think 20k would be my limit and even then it would need to be an awesome item for me to pay that much.

  12. Handera says:

    That is such an incredible trinket that it would be hard for me NOT to spend that much on it, lol. I don’t raid much and I’m also a heavy gold maker….so maybe I’d give it 20k. I tend to spend more on vanity crap instead of gear, but I make exceptions for trinkets and weapons.

  13. Zuli says:

    Many times of the fact is the item expired or seller withdraw it from some reason. Believe me, buy over 10,000g need at least 24 hours for completely delivery. 50k g need few days. Technically, time will longer than item auction expired, unless buyer stock ten thousand gold all the time. Those Price is only dream price once in blue moon. 4-5K is already a limit of reasonableness. Btw, price for buy gold has been droped 20-30% after cata released. It indicate that is less ppl buyer gold now.

  14. Theorw says:

    Hehe idd the prices are crazy,i saw the trinket said for 45k and it got sold in a few hours!
    I myself bought the valor boots for 18 but i was in inguild competition with a ret and i needed gear to top him on dps:P
    Now i try to keep myself calm and not buy on absurd prices!

    Btw kinda irelevant but with boots and rep epics only i was 1st in dps (for one fight tho)in our 25man in omnitron and i assure you the dpsers in our guild are far better equiped and class than a ret with 350 ilvl,meaning almost full epic and tier.That to argue about retri being broken:P
    DONT buy in AH unless its a bargain!

  15. Frithpooth says:

    I was lucky and had both a world drop agility ring and OS plate legs drop. As i play holy I sold both at the AH, netting +55K G. That allowed me to buy a BoE neck + wave cards ti finish the Tsunami deck with plenty ov G to spare. Without the two drops I would not pay the exessicve prices at the AH seen now.

  16. EGOprime says:

    I am pretty tight when it comes to gold, and I (too) have a fair amount, and this expansion seems to be saturated with the massive stockpiles players accumulated in Wrath when the AH wasn’t bathed in BoE epic upgrades for 8 months.

    Will those prices eventually drop? Of course they will, that is a redundant question. As people get upgrades, as guilds plow through ever more content, the 359 plums currently sparkling on the AH for ridiculous amounts of gold will lose their luster and fade to 5k gold items. Guess what? Unless you’re every fiber the casual player, when they do get down to that 5k gold range, you won’t need them.

    So, the question becomes: how much are you willing to fork over for a ready-to-wear upgrade right now? For me, as Khor stated, it depends on the upgrade. I hate spending above 20k on ANYTHING, but you bet your sweaty raid underwear I bought the DMC: Hurricane (+strength) trinket for 25k gold as soon as it got down that far. Worth every gold. I can replace the gold given enough time. I cannot, however, replace the numbers that trinket gives me for the next 6+ months.

    I also have my eye on the Corefire Legplates which will also be a tasty upgrade (even over JP legs) since BWD (the raid we’re currently doing) does not have a solid leg upgrade for ret paladins unless you count the tank leggings (for the strength) but the chances of both my tanks not needing those means I’d have a better shot at getting my girlfriend to make me a sandwich during my raid. Those corefire legplates get down to the 20k (maybe even 25k) mark and I’ll be buying those, too. They will be a solid part of my wardrobe for a good 2-3 months; or until we venture in to another raid (we’re casual, so that may be awhile).

    As I said, I can replace the gold, and eventually during this expansion, we’ll start stockpiling gold like we did in Wrath when all of our upgrades came via raiding. I want solid numbers now, especially with the state of retribution DPS, and that is worth dropping 50k on two BoE plums to me.

    Then again, to each their own, obviously.

  17. tcdyess says:

    I have been taking advantage of the huge prices people are willing to pay for herbs. Whiptail has been the best mover by far and I am averaging about 10 stacks a day at 150g each and then selling the volatile life stacks of 50 for around 550g. I have accumulated 35k g in the last 2 weeks alone and am just waiting for something good to be listed in ah, but so far people are charging huge prices for epics that are only marginally better than the 346 rares I have gotten from dungeons and honor. My plan is to continue building gold reserve and wait for more epics to hit the ah at lower prices. Hurry up and wait!!!

  18. Banished says:

    If you have enough gold buy all of a specific item and lower the cost across the board.. Greed is what drives everyone…. Prices are insane, but so are people 🙂

  19. Smudger says:

    I was lucky enough to had Angerforge drop the other day. Until the ramp up time gets changed it is a plain crit trinket.

    As peeps have mentioned, progress guilds needing gear quickly whacks the prices right out of sync. DMC are up to around 50k for the good ones and 25k minimum on my server a piece which i am going to take advantage of next week 😀 Normal BoE craftables are under 10k but raid BoEs are over 25k with most being around 40k.

    Valor Boots are still selling at 25k.

    Inflation causes alot of these prices, people have more gold than ever so they pay it, if people pay the prices the items will always be listed for that price until the gear is no longer relevant.

    Smudger Warcraft Corner

  20. Brock says:

    If one has the gold, why not? As time passes and you wait around for demand to decrease of to get your own drops WoW passes by as well, all the current crap is going to be useless once another tier drops.

  21. uniwolf04 says:

    Hi all,

    I’m a little behind the curve as I only began Cata content after Christmas. Was wondering if you can take a look at my Armory and give me an idea of where I should spend my Justice Points (no Valor Points yet). Where will my biggest DPS increase come from?

    I know I haven’t gemmed or enchanted everything yet. On the to-do list and didn’t want to spend too much on this if I was going to replace it soon.

    I’ve just started running normal Dungeons and will start Heroics when comfortable with the content. Alas my miniscule guild does not run together or Raid so I’m pugging.


  22. Gigi says:

    Uni – you are over on Hit and Expertise, try messing around with your reforging a bit more to get your Hit to 8% (it’s fine if you are a little under or a little over) and your expertise to 16. The put everything else into Mastery. Try not to forge away from it IF you can. You also need to be gemming for straight strength unless the socket bonus outweighs that. Currently you have a blue gem in your breastplate and in my opinion the socket bonus of crit is not as good as getting +30 strength. Crit is something we are actually reforging away from so you would get more benefit from strength then crit. It takes a bit of messing with to get the right balance of stats. I think you are doing great so far and consider finding a guild that you can raid with. I was really anti-raiding until my husband found us a guild that raids and is laid-back. I can honestly say I have enjoyed playing more since then and it takes a ton of stress out of new content as a guild is more likely to have fun even when wiping.

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