Retribution Paladins Cataclysm – Day 3

Cataclysm Day 3 was very entertaining.  I had made my way to Uldum, and the whole Harrison Jones theme was pure awesome!  However, due to what I assume is extreme exhaustion, I fell asleep on the floor after giving my 3 month old a bottle and putting him in his crib.  My wife woke me up around 1am, and I think I made it into bed on my own.

Woke up at 7am this morning, and went, “CRAP!”.  I had cut my playtime short about 3 hours, and didn’t get any work done on the site here.  Maybe I needed the sleep, but dang, I really hate when I do that!

Anyways, here are my evaluations from yesterday:

Seal of Truth bests Seal of Righteousness

I have completely abandoned Seal of Righteousness, at least for now.  The damage output just isn’t enough to beat Seal of Truth on single targets, because of how tough even normal trash mobs are outside of dungeons.

Now, one would assume that Seal of Righteousness may regain some priority for AoE situations, and that may be true, but in 5-man dungeons, Seal of Righteousness is just pulling too much aggro off tanks, thanks to the cleave effect from Seals of Command.

So, for leveling AND 5-mans, I am currently running full Seal of Truth.

Did You Break a Quest Chain?

I did.  In Uldum, I broke one and found myself without any quests, with the quest achievement telling me I had 55 more to go.  So, I had to fly around all of Uldum, which isn’t a tiny zone, and find where I had broken it off.  Lo and behold, it was Harrison Jones somewhere underground.  I am now on the right track, but I have one tip:  Some quest giveres give a small speech or have a small delay before giving the next quest.  If they do now immediately give another quest, wait a few seconds before flying off, because it is very possible they will give one a moment later.

Should I Reforge while leveling?

I think you can if you want, but it’s not going to make or break your leveling experience. Personally, I am not reforging, and it hasn’t slowed me down one bit.  Now, for end-game raiding and 5-mans…that’s a different story.

Agility weapon has higher DPS, should I take it?

No, even if an agility weapon, such as a Polearm, has higher overall DPS, it’s still a DPS loss by missing out on all the Strength a normal Paladin 2-hander would provide.  Stick with the Strength weapons!

Mailboxes in Uldum

Maybe you guys can help me, I haven’t seen one blasted mailbox in Uldum, nor have I found the way to port there from Stormwind.  I know where the portal is, but the goofy NPC won’t trigger a quest or speech to let me into the portal!  Anyways, the mailbox thing has my bags quite full!

Level 84

Level 84 and halfway there.  Sometime today or tomorrow I will be 85, and starting my journey to raiding.  Lots of content for the site at that point!


  1. nub says:

    heeey ! Its all good u fell asleep. I myself is playing a paladin. Level 85 now. We are pretty awesome. Despite the DPS loss we had, ref back to u Day 2 post. I myself come last.But mixing ur Guardian of the Kings with Inquisition and avenging wrath, then pop zealotry when avenging wrath it over. i guarantee u, u might end up in 2 or even 1st on DPS on 5 man dungeon. Depending also the timing you use your CD’s. RET FTW!

    Hope to hear from u more.

  2. Azurarose says:

    I couldn’t find a mailbox in Uldum either. I ended up flying over to Gadgetstan to go to a bank and mailbox.

    I didn’t fall asleep at my keyboard but pushed it last night and dinged 85. Now to try and straighten my gear out and level blacksmithing!

  3. Darthal says:

    Jeeves and MOLL-E ftw!

  4. Zach says:

    I just remembered boas. Have you considered using them for 80 to 85 for faster leveling?

  5. Pheonera says:

    the old BoA’s don’t work after 80, so as to ensure we actually have to do the most of the zones to ding 85

  6. Geddyn says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning that mobs are hitting a lot harder. Where are these mobs? The ones in instances hit ridiculously hard, but I haven’t had any trouble with mobs in the world zones and rarely have to heal outside of using Word of Glory to use up leftover Holy Power after a fight.

    I’m currently level 83. I’ve done all of Hyjal and almost all of Vash’jir. I think I’ll tackle Deepholme next, though the Twilight Highlands looked interesting when I did a flyover for exploration and flight paths. Uldum just looked like a major PITA, so I think I’m going to avoid that zone until later on.

  7. Anthony says:

    Uldum, I found had no mailboxes that I could see and the only way I could get to a major city, was to get a mage to port me. (Alliance)

    As for leveling, I only once ended up with no quests in Deepholm, but that area is glitched out as of right now I believe. I was able to get the quest achievements in Hyjal and Twilight Highlands, Uldum I was not in long, and Deepholm is glitched as I mentioned.

    I am now trying to get my BS maxed, and currently tanking instances for the gear. Mining was cake :D

  8. Khor says:

    @ Geddyn – I noticed tougher mobs in Hyjal, but I was able to easily beat them quite often. Deepholme and beyond is where the mobs really started to try and kick my butt :)

  9. Rolann says:

    Khor, Do you remember where or what quest you picked up the shoulders in your pic?

    Love your site, spend more time here than in the game from time to time….lol.

  10. Zonama says:

    some people dont understand in 5 mans rets have a CC Repentance and such as vortex pinnicle the healers need to be ccd or you will find ur self hitting over and over again oh well

    Khor where did you get ur helm?

  11. Zero says:

    I look forward to your stat priorities and gear lookouts once you hit 85 and beyond!

  12. Zepherous [Darkspear] says:

    Khor: at dungeons which we have atm protection paladin with dps gear (just weapon and shield instead of 2h) can do more dps than retri (cause of huge aoe and inquisition).

    That will be really stupid if we will have to change talents for trash and bosses :P

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