Retribution in Cataclysm to be More Offensive

Ghostcrawler posted a small blurb about the reasoning for the delay on the Paladin class information.  We are expecting to see what Blizzard has in store for our Ret Paladins this Friday, April 16th.  Here is what Ghostcrawler had to say: [Source]

We figured no matter who was last they were going to feel victimized. You shouldn’t try and interpret too much by the order of the previews though. The fact is we’re just not as far along on paladins as we are the other classes. We find it easier to work on a few classes at a time rather than say work on one class on Monday then a different class on Tuesday and keep rotating through them. We didn’t pick paladin last because we hate them or because they need the most work or the least work or anything. It’s pretty much totally random.
We haven’t torn up the paladin talent trees in earnest yet, so the preview will likely be heavy on design intent and light on details. One of the changes we’ll continue to emphasize with Retribution is trading more defenses for offense. A defensive dps spec just doesn’t work really well in WoW.


  1. Panzerkrieg says:

    Yeah, but a defensive dps spec:

    - helps the ret pally alot in pvp / solo missions


    - can take off slack from healers or doesnt have to rely on them so much

    IMO of course

  2. albert says:

    First off i have to say your site is amazing i wish there were more sites like this for other classes. I am so excited to see what happens to pallys especially ret. And i would not mind trading of defense for more dps. I have a question where does ret pally dps rank to other dps classes? Which class deals the most DPS? I ask this becase you have way more wow exp then me.

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