Ret Paladins Cataclysm Beta Build 12604

Here we go again, yet another rapid Beta version released with more changes.  Some of the changes from the last build lasted only a couple days!  As always, MMO Champion brings you all the Paladin changes HERE.

For Retribution Paladin specifics, here are our changes.  I am still toying around with the talent trees, and my first impression with this build is that it allows you to dip into the other two trees with a bit more flexibility.  THe previous tree only really allowed for 3 points to be invested elsewhere.  Now it looks like their might be as many as 7 to 9 free points if you wish to dip into Holy or Prot (which I currently am).


  • Righteous Vengeance is now Inquiry of Faith – Increases the periodic damage done by your Seal of Truth by 20/40/60%.
  • Communion *New* – Your Judgement grants the Replenishment effect to up to 10 party or raid members mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 5 sec for 15 sec.
  • Selfless Healer (Tier 5) – Increases the healing of your Word of Glory by 30/60% when used to heal others.
  • Acts of Sacrifice *New* – Decreases the cooldown by 10/20/% and mana cost by 10/20% of your Hand of Freedom and Hand of Salvation.


  • Sanctified Retribution is gone.
  • Improved Crusader Strike is gone.
  • Heart of the Crusader is gone.
  • Wrath of the Lightbringer gone.


  • Divine Purpose is now a Tier 4 talent – Your Templar’s Verdict, Divine Storm and Inquisition have a 40% chance to generate Holy Power.
  • Divine Storm is now a Tier 3 talent.
  • Swift Retribution now also increases damage by 3%. Moved from Tier 6 to Tier 5.


My Thoughts

Like I said above, we are free to move points into other trees now.  Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm have switched places (again), with TV now a primary skill acquired at level 10.  That makes it available earlier, which I really like.  Divine Storm will be situational AoE, so I’m not thinking we will need that early on while leveling.

Judgements of the Wise got bumped to a Primary Skill as well.  That means at level 10, our mana concerns are basically zero.

The Righteous Vengeance/Inquiry of Faith change is interesting, and I’ll be looking for more info on that swap (Beta Key please Blizz?)

Wrath of the Lightbringer is gone.  Thankfully!  :)

Several other talents were wiped out, and I can understand why.  We were getting buffs and second buffs on the same spells. THis remedies that, as well as removing some talents that likely weren’t going to be used at all (ahem WotLB).

I’m sure more will witch up soon, so let’s wait and see before we hash out any more critiques and judgment!

Oh, and here’s my tinkering with the new Ret Tree.  Ret Paladin Cata Talent Tree


  1. Cloudruler says:

    LOL that’s the same build i came up with when i saw the trees and toyed with it. Depending on how much you PVP as well there are talents that can be moved around to bump up ones PVP abilities without hurting PvE.

  2. Khor says:

    Hehe exactly! Rebuke will stay regardless, but I always am toying with the idea of not keeping Repentance if the raid I am in has a good amount of crowd control…Nothing really viable for that extra point atm though.

  3. Allinon says:

    One thing I have yet to figure out is how the seal thing is going to work out. With Seals of Command attaching the cleave to Seal of Righteousness (SoR) we essentially have two DPS seal options, the ramp up seal (Seal of Truth) and a cleave seal (Seal of Righteousness). To me this leaves a glaring hole in PVP for the “need DPS now” scenario.

  4. Cloudruler says:

    Currently most use SoR in PvP for the nice dmg its judgement causes. The actual seal itself currently is a bit weak it was all about the nice Judge since SoC’s judgement is currently weaker. So with the added Cleave to SoR it doesn’t change much other than watching to make sure you are not near a CC’d target so not to break it. Constant changes in beta though in another month we will most likely have a much better picture on what we are working with.

  5. Arkanii says:

    These changes are getting exciting :)

    Looks like ret will no longer be one of the faceroll classes!

  6. Holyway says:

    Yep, i like the new changes too, especially the Holy Power resource, and the uses for it.

    Ive build a talent plan, too for pvp, using Khor’s basic pve build… However, without seeing them in work, its very hard to judge witch abilities will be useful, and what will be totally useless…

    The only thing im still worried about is the mobility issue… if we lose cleanse, and buff dispell resistance, i dont really know what options will be left for us when fighting ranged classes… hope they find out something to solve this.

  7. retpal says:

    hey there…
    i like the changes….but with rebuke in melee range…and thanks to the cleanse nerf… will be deadly hard to keep in melee range in pvp…..especially vs a frost mage… whats the big idea?…
    yes, its an interrupt…thanx…but hardly being able to use it wont help…..i would have liked more the idea of repentance being our interrupt (ofc with reducing its cd to 10 sec….not 60 sec it is)
    or..there is another solution….as we already lack a REAL snare AND a gap closer…they could add something like this(….although some ppl may not like it…or have another ideas….)

    Leap of Justice :immediately jump at the target with a will of holy justice,removing any movement imparing effects on you,and dazes your target for 15 seconds
    25 sec cooldown

    this :D ……although i heared Avenger’s shield will be a baseline skill?……with its dazing effect…..we may only need the jump and remove movement imp effects of it..(although we will need to have a shield ready with us….but thats not really a concern )

    also……we will have no longer a stun-remove? :(
    that means we will have bad vs rogues….especially with the hp increase they will get in cata

    by the bye…..whats the meaning of Inquisition exclusive to holy shield?


  8. Holyway says:

    “although i heared Avenger’s shield will be a baseline skill?……with its dazing effect…..we may only need the jump and remove movement imp effects of it..(although we will need to have a shield ready with us….but thats not really a concern )”

    false.. only for prot pallies :)

  9. Holyway says:

    and yes, stun-remove is lost, also cleanseing magic, but judgement will give a bit of a snare.

  10. pallynagy says:

    hey guys….
    first..i do like the changes….but i am with retpal that we need a gap closer as he posted….i also like holy power…..although it will be really near to a rogue/cat form ….however…but better for me :P
    anyway….i wanna ask some questions…..

    now with Art of war having 15% chance to only proc on melee attacks… i think it has lost now most of its bright…since it was 100% proc on critical melee attacks…i know they increased the crit damage…and iam happier with this :D …but i mean…doesnt that makes it a lot useless now?

    also….does Swift retribution’s increased speed act like a weaker,but passive, blood lust/heroism?….i wanna know that :)

    and at last…..i have retpal’s same question…….
    whats the meaning of Inquisition being exclusive to holy shield?


  11. Holyway says:

    Dear Pallynagy

    I don’t think an actualy gap closer ability is needed for ret pallies, it would look like a homogenisation. Our gap closer should still be repentance/hand of freedom, and the only thing we need is a less dispellable (say 50% dispell resisitance) on hand of freedom, or, making the offensive dispell mechanics cost extreme amounts of mana, making the enemy much less willing to dispell.

    And on the 15% Art of war – no, it wont be less useful. Making it 100% proc on melee crits would be insane in pvp, as resilience will no longer decrease the crit chance. The 15% “new proc chance” is just right, moreover, it will only affect exo tho, so its more than enough i think (will proc less, but only the long cd spell will be linked to it).

  12. pallynagy says:

    hi again…..thanks for the response holyway :)
    for the gapcloseing thing…i didnt mean to say “charge plx”…and i also hate homogenization…..but if we say repentance/ hand of freedom is our gapcloser….then i have two thoughts about this…the first being that repentance’s cooldown should be reduced in half AT LEAST to be as a gapcloser…i know it does other things like ranged interrupt…but 1 minute cd is crap if we think about it as a gapcloser -.-…..while the second is about hof….i should say that most of those who we need to keep in melee range with already have dispels…..and yes…the answers you posted as answers to this are really good….but about them……a 50% reduced dispel chance will only make the dispeller try to spam dispel until dispelled…and i dont think that will take long of him…..while making dispels costy wont really change it….since a costy dispel every 20 sec still wont OOM him……..i think they should switch it to physical abiliy that couldnt be dispelled :P
    about art of war…..will resil no longer reduce crit chance? then thats why…i didnt know that :P
    before i click submit comment…..can u answer my questions about swift ret and Inquisition i made in my previous post?


  13. Pheonera says:

    The Swift Ret buff is just a swing/shoot timer decrease. it works with haste on the Melee/hunter side of things but does nothing for casters in the terms of quicker cast times or cool downs, and isn’t tied to the new regen systems. The Inquisition being exclusive with Holy Shield thing…no clue. the only guess i can think is that it means if you have/had Holy Shield on your self you cant have Inquisition running at the same time.

    Also Kor with the insane amount of mana we are getting right now (mine has gone 5.9k unbuffed to 13k from lvl 80 to 83), the the damage Holy Wrath Deals in single targets is pretty darn useful, specially if you waiting on say CS’s cd inorder to have enough hp to trigger a worth while TV or Inquisition.

  14. pallynagy says:

    hi there again…..
    about gap closing……see this thread
    and you will know why i concerned about getting a gap closer…..losing cleanse….we would have very VERY low uptime on our targets…and our new holy power scenario needs us to have a big uptime on our targets….and its stupid if we are most kitable while we need to have a big uptime :(
    i think a good idea for this crisis is an improved repentance

    Improved Repentance : Reduces the cool down of your repentance ability by addition,when repentance wears off the target or is dispelled….the target is dazed for 15 secs

    thats because we really need a gap closer and a snare with the new holy power system…which will make us as a cat dudu but without feral charge or even infected wounds…and WHY? just bec we wear plate?
    thats useless in many situations…i dont mean i dont like plate…but making us a plated cat that cant reach its target is LAME


  15. RetriLovaar says:

    Seal of Pursuit and that Long arms skill actually stack for 145% ^^ no need for a snare with that sorta speed buff :)

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